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Buring the glans penis.

         My Personal Penis Burning Experience

This experience happened nearly 40 years ago, when I was 19. Let me start off by telling you I'm a masochist, I love to masturbate while cutting, burning, or shocking my genitals. This was not a recent desire for me. I can remember letting a little boy try to cut my glans with a piece of broken glass when I was just 5 years old, which I think means this runs very deep in my nature. Things went along normally for the most of my childhood, until the hormones of puberty started working on me at 12. I remember using chemical's on my glans then, one was acid flux (used for soldering) which made my penis head swell up but caused no permanent damage or changes. I slowly escalated the pain, which was perceived by me as an intense sexual thrill, until I was about 19 when the burning I'm going to describe took place.

By this time at 19, I had tried cutting my scrotum with a razor blade while masturbating, burning my scrotum and penis shaft with a hot soldering iron, and various home made shocking devices used on my penis or anus, all done to achieve a higher sexual intensity. I had fantasized many times about the complete destruction of my penis or balls, this is what I think about during the burnings, like I think about burning it completely off. So I started experimenting with flame on my urethra opening (pee hole), which is one of the most sensitive areas on the penis.

One afternoon on a weekend at home after work I was extremely horney and wanted to expand my sexual pain horizons more. The technique I used was to place an unlit wooden match in the urethra buried about 1/2 way up the match. I used another match to light the one in my penis. By this time I was rock hard and masturbating with an intense flame burning down toward my penis head. The excitement produced by the fear of the unknown was intense, you see I had already decided to not put the match out, rather to let it self extinguish when it burned down into the urethra. So I continued masturbating furiously and watched anxiously as the flame got closer and closer to my dick head. The pain started when the flame was about 1/4 inch away from my glans. It rapidly escalated in intensity to severe pain by the time it was about 1/16 inch away from the opening in my glans. This pain hurt bad but at the same time I felt wild sexual stimulation as I fantasized about the consequences of my actions.

Things started getting serious when the bottom edge of the flame (the blue part) came into contact with my urethra. When this happened I was in total ecstasy, and actually could see precum boiling off my urethra opening. I began to masturbate using longer strokes in an attempt to end the flame, but it had to go out naturally, which it did after about 8 seconds of burning into tender teenage flesh. The resulting orgasm was extremely intense, the most intense orgasm of my young life. I had 3rd degree burn about 1/4 in long on the very tip of my glans. Of course the nerves in this area were destroyed so the burn did not hurt afterwards. I was left with a warm drunken afterglow of post orgasmic bliss and a hard white crust on the tip of my dick head. It took about 8 weeks for this to completely disappear.

Now I have a very slight scar and flat spot directly over my pee hole, you would have to know what had happened to notice it. Now I do not recommend that anyone actually try this silly experiment out on himself or herself. It's been nearly 40 years and I can still remember the sight and sensations produced by that little flame. The experiment was never repeated again, and many years later I found a safe method of producing such intense sexual pain in the urethra: Cinnamon oil! Don't put cinnamon oil into your urethra without a full bladder because urinating is the only easy way to get the stuff back out. Cinnamon oil produces a very intense burning pain on the glans and especially in the urethra.

Over the years I have experimented with just about everything from needles piercing my glans to burning my pubic hair off, which is a real thrill that usually causes no pain. I have no loss in function of any of my sexual parts and am still interested in the wild array of possibilities one can think of using on his penis or testicles. Before I joined Bmezine I thought I was the only person in the world who had burned their glans like I had done, but was amazed to discover it was not a unique experience and that people even had gone further than I had done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: self-inflicted
Studio: my+home
Location: Phoenix+Arizona

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012 @4:59 p.m.
anyone interested in this should contact me [email protected] or search for my website
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 @9:12 p.m.
Ive used matches before placing them in my pee hole then lighting them with a lighter and letting them burn down to my hard swollen cock head. I usually cum from the excitement and the heat getting slowly closer to my cock head that the cum puts out the flame before it burns me. Ive been burned a couple time and loved the feeling totally got me rock hard and I got off is seconds. Im now into glan splitting and have mine split half way through as a matter of fact I just finished cutting it was just biggest cut to date. I cut back over half my glan splitting right down the middle. I use a long sharp box cutter to do the work but I cheat and inject cocaine into my cock head.I also wear a cock ring it makes my cock head swell and go rock hard I find cutting a swollen hard head easier than trying to cut on a soft one. I am so fucking happy with tonights cut....my glan looks so beautiful split down the middle. Im also happy about the fact its almost cut all the way just a few more small cuts and ill have it completely split. wish it was healed already I love play with my split cock now I can stick my whole finger inside my pee hole. sexy. Well now that Ive cut all this talk about fire has me turned on. Im off to the kitchen to get so big wooded strike any where matches and play I got some coke left so I think Ill slam some after I inject more into my dick head then stick a couple matches 1/4 way down and light them up. Im so hard right now just writing about it that I have to go now. Cutting and burning in one night wow Im in fucking heaven.

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