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Self done.

So I'm a 14 year old girl from Scotland and I am very interested in body modification. I already have 12 piercings (left ear – 4mm plug, 4 lobe (self done) and tragus. Right ear – 3mm plug and 3 lobe and I had a cartilage. Also my Belly button and lip.) and for the past year I have wanted a tattoo but my age meant that I cant get it until I'm 16.

My mum has a little blue dot on her arm which she had done when she was 15 using a needle and Indian ink so that's where I got my idea from. Also my sister told me about an interview she had read on Allison Goldfrapp where she had been talking about how she had tattooed her finger aged 13. I read up on BME about ink rubbing but had never really thought about trying it myself until now.

Today I decided to try this on myself but I do not recommend you try it as alot could go wrong. So I began by gathering up my equipment – sewing needle (cringe) Ink from a non-toxic pen, TCP, antiseptic spray, antiseptic wipes and a blade from a razor. I soaked the blade and needle in alcohol for about 10 minutes. Now all I needed to do was decide where I wanted it and what I wanted. I decided on a star on my right ankle. I found a tiny star sticker and drew around it with a pen having cleaned the area before hand. I scrubbed my hands for about ten minutes and cleaned around the area i would be working at and laid everything out. I was ready to begin.

I was really nervous before I started (my sister wasn't making it any easier as she kept coming into my room and asking if I'd done it yet) as I had not done anything like this before but I decided just to go for it. I started by scraping along the lines with the needle until it bled. It didn't hurt much but I have a very high pain threshold. I decided that it wasn't going deep enough so I used the blade instead. As the blade was sharper it didn't hurt as much as the needle but was still quite painful but bearable. By now the area around the half finished star was looking very sore and blood was everywhere so I couldn't really see what I was doing. I cleaned the area of blood and was pleased so far with how well it had turned out with not much pain. I finished off the rest of the star leaning as heavily on the blade as I could (or so I thought...) I went over the star a few times just to make sure it was deep enough and when I was happy I started applying the ink.

I used the needle which had been sitting in alcohol to add the ink. It was very easy and not very sore to do. I was just kind of dipping the needle in the ink then dotting it on the cuts. To be honest I wasn't very sure how to do this but decided I would just see how it turned out. I left the ink to dry into the cut which took ages as it was still bleeding and a clearish pus was coming out of it (ew) I decided to go show my sister my progress so far and she said it looked pretty cool. She's really squeamish though so she was nearly sick when I took away all the excess ink using and antiseptic wipe. Some of the ink had stayed but I decided I would have to do it over as one side of the star looked a bit messed up.

So I started the whole process again using the blade but leaning a lot deeper this time and kept wiping the blood away as I went so I could see properly what I was doing. When I was done and satisfied I re-applied the ink. This time I put a lot more ink in and around the cuts just to make sure it would work a little better. I decided to leave the ink to dry into the cuts again which went a lot better as it had stopped bleeding. I took some pictures to show my friends and they all said it looked good. My only problem was that the ink kept rubbing against my trousers when I went downstairs and my dad noticed I had a slight limp so I put a plaster over it. (Not sure if this was a good idea but I don't want ink all over my jeans!)

I finished this at about 2 o'clock and it's now 20 past 3 so I'm going to clean off the ink soon. I'm not sure if this will have worked but if it hasn't then it was still a good experience. I strongly don't recommend that anyone does this as it was probably VERY stupid of me.

Here is a picture of how it looks so far:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 May 2006
in Scarification

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