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My First Scarification!

but totally not my last.

After about a year of research and referrals from modded local friends, I finally decided on the name I heard mentioned most and in the highest regard.

Brian Decker.

I had heard his name about 900 times in the past year. I felt like he was going to be some stuck up pretentious guy, cause I'd heard so much about him, so many people singing his praises saying he was "the best" and this and that. I was a little intimidated to say the least.

I contacted him first through BME, actually because I was looking for a tattoo artist and the artists at his studio, Pure, looked amazing. After looking through several other artists portfolios and his as well on BME, and from the praises I've heard from so many others who've had some kind of work done by him, I decided to go with him.

I don't know exactly how I ended up actually there, under his scalpel but I did. I had an idea I really wanted to work, a star system I have a deep connection and love for, I wanted the view of what it would look like from the inside, carved into my arm. I talked to him about it through email, and decided I would come in on Tuesday, when he said was good for him.

I was running late, the studio closed at 8:00, but now that I had decided to go through with it, no matter how scared I was, I didn't want to chicken out. I called him to make sure it was ok, and apologize for my tardiness, he was much more laid back then I expected, he said it was fine. I got there about 7:30, and we talked about my idea. He had done some sketches of what he was thinking before I had gotten there, we talked about my idea, and he pointed out that it wouldn't look right, he suggested we use the satellite view of the star system and showed me some sketches he had done of it. I looked them through, and asked him to do a couple different versions for me. He was very very patient, and very understanding and did them all. In the end, I decided to go with one of his original drawings, I figured, it was beautiful, and he was the scar artist, I'm sure he knew what would look good. In the end, I'm happy I did.

When we finally where able to get started, he was very relaxed, he was nice, and patient with my lots of questions, asking him to show me how everything is sterilized, how it will work, asking him everything that will happen... he took his time to show me everything and explain to me exactly what would happen. Finally, when I sat down for the procedure, I was terrified lol, but, it went by like a breeze. I had no idea it would take as long as it did, but honestly, I don't feel like I was in the chair longer then an hour. Apparently, I was in the chair for 4... but honestly it didn't feel like that at all. The girls at the shop where nice and sociable... they made conversation and it was a very relaxed friendly environment.

He was very skilled, and gentile with the scalpel actually. That might sound weird... but I was expecting a lot more, unpleasant tearing sensation... my scarification involved a bunch of circles... and they all came out very well and nicely rounded, that shows skill 0.o The skin removal part, was painful! It wasn't so much the pain of the cutting, but the sensation of the skin being cut off from me... it was just... oooh it skeeved me hehe. It was a very weird and painful sensation, just because it was so... eek! I really can't think of a better word then that. At first, for the cutting part, I used anesthetic, he had. After that, I felt like a pussy for using it, and after it started to wear off, I decided not to ask for more. I kinda wish I had done it the other way around, no anesthetic for the easy cutting part, and using it for the more painful actual skin removal part hehe, but I'm happy I didn't really. I feel like I earned it more feeling the pain, no matter how painful or weird and skeevy it might have been to be able to feel it all! I guess... I sort of feel more connected to it... more then my tattoo. The tattoo didn't hurt at all, and it was done right away. This will take time, to emerge from my skin, and its more a part of me I feel. I'm very glad I did this.
In the end he told me exactly what to do to take care of it, and assured me that it wouldn't fade, and if it did, I could come in and he would fix it for free. He was very patient and kind, and didn't try to gauge the price on me, even though it took longer then we had expected, he still charged me the original price. He even gave me some cellophane to wrap it in when I was done cause all the stores where closed by the time we where done, and I would need to bandage it in the morning. After I paid, I went out to get money to tip him, I wanted to give him a generous tip after all that, but he wouldn't take it all haha.

All and all, it was a wonderful experience. If/when I get another scarification by means of skin removal/cutting, I'm definitely coming back to Brian Decker at Pure. It was totally worth the many train rides from Westchester to Brooklyn. ^^


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Brian+Decker
Studio: Pure
Location: Brooklyn%2C+NY

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