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self branding with cutlery

I am 17 and pretty much your average teenager... which of course means that I am nothing like what most people would call average. Like most kids my age I am slightly self destructive but this is the story of how I took that to the next level. Not a lot of young people I know have gotten into branding... its painful, permanent and pretty stupid if you don't know what you are doing so of course I had to try.

I have always been interested in body mod but I have become more so in the last year. My mom has always hated the idea of me getting tattoos and piercings and out of respect for her I didn't do any and then on a trip to New York things changed. I got an impulse Upper Helix piercing and became totally hooked. I have done some self piercing in the past but nothing is like the joy of going into the shop and coming out with a new piece of metal. I have plans for a bunch more piercings and a few tattoos but have to wait until I get some money and move out of house this year. Anyways I had decided not to do anything to my body for a while but body mod called to me and I finally had the perfect situation.

Last week I took a trip to my island cabin and after a few days of drinking and hanging out, my two friends and decided, in one of our rare sober streaks to do some self body mod. At first it was more of a joke but somehow joking about piercing turned into pulling out the safety pins and then the idea of branding came up. (I really don't recommend this on an island without any first aid available but one of us is a certified paramedic so we just did it.) The guy we were with had read up on self branding and when you are in a dark house on a small island in the middle of no where there isn't much else to do so we turned on the stove. In the meantime we started with a few surface piercings... I did a few a couple years ago into my upper arm but this time we only had safety pins and candles so we did it through the webbing of our fingers. A word to the wise... blunt pins through tough skin isn't that easy it took a good min to get it through and it was more like stabbing than piercings but the result was pretty cool.

For the branding, my guy friend used his curved hunting knife and my girl friend used a butter knife but I wanted a totally different design so, novice that I am, I used a fork. We heated them up on the element of the electric stove (this is actually really effective) and when they were red hot we just held them to the skin. My first strike pulled off a few layers of skin with the fork and that left me with a large square burn (on my bicep by the way)and then the next 3 (after heating each time) gave me prongs vertical and horizontal and then the 4 prongs on the back of my wrist. Also on the outside of the burn I have 4 large round blisters that finish of the brand to look like one of those vampire tattoos from the movie Blade. Despite the rudimentary equipment and lack of experience or knowledge, the burn I have is really cool and I am totally excited to see what it looks like in a few months. My guy friend ended up with essentially a round hole in his arm (he really pressed hard) and my girl friend has a few thin markings on her wrist but thats all. Branding seems like a really scary thing before you do it and watching other people try makes it even scarier (the bubbling and the smell of burning skin doesn't help) but the reality is that it is a total rush. The pain is bad and there is the risk of infection to worry about but hell "no pain, no gain" and its something that I am always going to have and love.

Anyways there is the obvious advisory. You really shouldn't self brand unless you are ready to ... its as permanent as a tattoo. Also if you really want a proper brand you should go to a professional who knows what he/she is doing. On the other hand, self branding is fun, a great release and a total adrenaline rush so if you are ready


NOTE: I really recommend that you don't move the brand around too much if you are strike branding like we did... it can totally mess up the design you are trying to make. If you can't handle the pain then you aren't getting the full experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2006
in Scarification

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