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Slicing my Ribs open

I started getting into body mods a couple years ago, but because both my parents are traditional portuguese parents, I was unable to truly start getting into it until I was 18.

Since that fateful day, I have acquired 5 tattoos, 12 piercings, a branding, and two cuttings (one of which I got today). By the way this all happened in the span of 6 months, of course it doesn't help that I have BME as my home page, it just keeps giving me more and more ideas, last of which was scarification!

I started thinking about getting a cutting shortly after I started hanging out at a local tattoo shop, Hanger 18, which I have to say is the best shop in London. Jeremy, the piercer there informed me that he also did cuttings and that he was the only one doing them in london.

He kept trying to convince me to get one, so one day I decided to come online and check on the scarification section of BME for the first time. I immediately fell in love with a picture of a nautical star cut into the back of someone's calf, I decided what the hell. So shortly after I went into Hanger 18 to get that done, and to tell you the truth it didn't really hurt, but I told myself the cutting would be a one time thing. Boy was I wrong.

After that first cutting experience I started checking out the scarification section everytime I was on the website, I found a few pictures of cherry blossoms, and decided that I would break my promise to myself and get another cutting.

The next day I went into Hanger 18 to talk to Jeremy about when he would have time to cut me and to give him the picture so that I stencil could be made. I have decided to get it done on the right side of my ribs just around my boob. Let me tell you not the least painful spot I could have picked thats for sure. We chose a date, and today (2 weeks later) I was back in and ready to be cut.

First he got on his apron, mask and gloves, then he asked me to sit down on the bed/table thing, where he then cleaned of my ribs, and placed the stencils, which I think he placed perfectly.

After pulling out the scalpel and making sure there were no nicks in it, it was time for me to lay down and let him cut away at my ribs. I got to say at first it wasn't bad at all, hurt less than a paper cut, but as he slowly moved down to the lower parts it hurt a little more, but nothing I couldn't handle. A lot like getting a tattoo, because I noticed that my tattoo on the other side of my ribs also hurt a little more on the lower part of the ribs. By the way I also got my tattoo there, and even though the apprentice Dave did it, it looks amazing, and was done better than almost any other shops could have done it.

After he finally got the initial outline, which probably took about 25 minutes, he cleaned it off and sprayed me with Novacaine so that going in for more cutting wouldn't hurt. As soon as the Novacaine set in he went right in for another look to make sure he got all the lines deep enough. Then it was time for him to pull apart the skin, which sounds painful but isn't at all, its kind of like getting a massage. Finally he made sure the cuts were all even and cleaned it off again and let it set for a bit.

I know you think its over, I thought it was too, but I was definitely not in the clear. I had survived almost an hour of cutting, than cleaning, than cutting, etc., but then came New Skin, the stupid liquid bandage that ruined the whole wonderful experience. Without warning Jeremy started spraying it on, at first it just felt cool, but than the stinging started, let me tell you, not at all pleasant!

After letting the sticky spray dry a bit, Jeremy bandaged me up and I was ready to go. Next time, I think I'd rather have the super bloody bandage than the Liquid Bandage!

If your in London and your thinking about getting a cutting, or tattoo or piercing for that matter, go to Hanger 18, there super professional and really nice too.

Also keep in mind that for cuttings the healing process is the fun part where you get to scrub your cutting with a toothbrush, don't worry its a lot less painful than it sounds!

Good luck and don't let a little blood scare you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Hanger+18
Location: london%2C+ON

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