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My Fun Scarification Experience

Roughly four months ago I attempted to do a scarification on my left calf. I don't remember where I got the idea and, even after some very thorough research on BME, was still too ignorant and lazy to go to a studio for advice. Remember; always do your research. After reading roughly 30 articles on the subject over a few weeks I decided it was time to have a go. I decided that I definately wanted to be as safe as one can be whilst cutting yourself in the bathroom which is fair enough. The reason I wanted to do it myself was it is A. Spiritual and B. Cheaper.

Anyway, I decided that my best shot at a scalpel was a medical supplies store, but the nearest one was a fair way away, and; not wanting to alert my parents about my plan, I went by train. I spent 6 hours trying to find that damn store before giving up and going home. On the way I stopped at ever chemist I passed, chancing that one might have what I was after, thirteen chemists later, no dice. Then I went to my local chemist, were Murphy's Law demands they have handles, but no blades. However they offered to order them in for me and a week later I had the blades clasped in my sweaty little hands.

10.) The next day I went onto www.symbols.com and looked up some stuff I liked, just some simple designs for my first attempt. Anyway, I decided that my first time I would try and do a cross with even sides, having forgotten what it meant, I did it anyway figuring that if I'd chosen it, it means something suitable. Probably a mistake, but, meh.

I'd purchased a #4 handle and some #10 blades, which didn't fit, so I stupidly decided to hold them at the end, which is fine, but you lose some pressure, but gain some control. Anyway, I made some light incisions first and a small drop of blood appeared. It was very exhilarating. I cut it all quite lightly and went over it, but been a bit tentative, I didn't go very deep and stuffed up a bit. I then decided to use red wine vinegar as my irritant and; pouring a bit onto a piece of toilet paper, I dabbed it into the wound. The cutting doesn't hurt much at all, but that vinegar stings a lot. It would cane if it were a deep wound. The next morning I cut the wound open again with a different scalpel, (I've kept them both in a little box, for the memories.) After cutting it I put some more vinegar on it, covered it with a band-aid and went to school.

The vinegar made it sting for about 3 hours and it hurt walking to the train station, but it was fine for the rest of the day. Being a rower I'd known it was a bad idea to the cut during the season, but I was so excited I did anyway. If you live in Melbourne you'll know that the Yarra is a cesspool, so wading out into black water with open wounds is not really a good idea. But that's what I did, naturally I disinfected thoroughly once I was home. Fortunately I didn't get any infections.

The cut healed quickly and I had no problems, now at four weeks it's almost faded out, which is a sort of relief and disappointment. I really enjoyed having the scar for when I did, but it was a crappy design and if it were permanent, I would've regretted it. Really think about what you're going to do.

Well that's about it really, my attempt was a wonderful experience that I would hold for many years, I'll definately give it another shot. For anyone considering scarification, it's a lot of fun. My advice is: don't assume anything, get as much information you can from the net and such, but consult some professionals face-to-face to, be sanitary, be careful, think about it, then think about it again and listen to what people have to say. Just really, I can't emphasise it enough, consider your decision's effects on you and others.


After my experience I went to The Piercing Urge in Prahran and talked to the staff there about various modifications including scarification. I recommend anyone in the area go there, they can provide you with good information in a professional and helpful manner. Don't follow my example, talk to someone, get as much as you can, learn the risks off by heart. You must know what you're getting yourself into. Otherwise you may do something you really regret, tattoo's can be covered, piercings removed, but scarification is permanent. Don't take it lightly.


submitted by: Mr_Groovy
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Scarification

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