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Im a star!

I love stars and had been debating where to get something star related for some time. As much as I want to get ink, I am reluctant to because of the permanency. I tend to change my mind a lot and don't want to get ink then regret it down the track. I honestly can't see myself being into stars and the likes when I'm fifty. I guess I'm just one of those annoying people who think about the future too much. Then I realised I could get a cutting. My rationalisation for getting a cutting was that whilst it's permanent, it will fade over time, making it semi permanent. And I would imagine that by the time I am fifty, the scar would be barely noticeable.

So I decided that I wanted a star cutting on my nape, just above my surface piercing. I had organised to travel interstate to attend Foundation, a suspension meet, so enlisted the services of iam piercing pete to slice and dice me.

I arrived in Melbourne on the Saturday and after some shopping I dropped into the Piercing Urge to meet the man himself. I had brought my own design with me which I made using Microsoft Word. One star is about an inch across, with another smaller star inside. Way cute. So we organised the stencil and all was organised for later that night.

After a nanna nap, I beautified and headed back to the shop. I wasn't that nervous to tell you the truth, however, I wouldn't shut up the whole way there. I was probably nervous but just didn't realise it. Pete stencilled me up, a photo was taken so I could ok the placement, and we were off. The star was cut lightly, and then blue gel was applied. This had an anasetic effect (which I certainly wasn't complaining about) and it also prevents excessive bleeding. The initial cut didn't really hurt; I would probably similarise it to a paper cut. Yet I can honestly say that a paper cut does hurt more. However, just knowing someone was slicing open my skin made me a little uncomfortable. My mind was taken off this though, by certain people taking pictures of my feet.

So after the initial incision, Pete set about cutting deeper. I didn't want a very deep cutting, and I certainly didn't want skin removal, so all up it took about half an hour. After the blue gel was applied, I just chatted to the people in the room and let Pete work his magic. I can't say it was painful, I could definitely feel it but it was more a stinging sensation than anything.

Lots of pictures were taken, Vaseline and a dressing was applied, and we were off to party. I'm glad we took a lot of pictures when my star was cut initially because personally I think this is when cuttings look their best.

I was worried showering would hurt the next morning, but it was fine. I cleaned it with some antibacterial wash and took some more pics. I made a quick stop at the chemist to pick up some Vaseline and dressings of my own before applying them. Let me tell you that it's hard to keep a dressing on your nape. Let alone a dressing with Vaseline underneath it. I ended up having to tape the dressing halfway around my neck at night to keep it on. After a few days of that I developed a rash type thing on my neck from the surgical tape, so resorted to putting a bandage around my neck over the dressing of a night to keep it on. Such a good look I tell you!

So it's been almost three weeks since my cutting and it's still a bit red. It's not in your face, it's quite subtle. But I really like it. Dependant on how much it fades in the next month or so, I may get Pete to recut it when I'm in Melbourne next, but for the time being I am quite happy with my little star slicing!

Speaking to various people about their experiences with cuttings I came across some very strange sounding aftercare procedures. Some people apparently rub a mixture of chilli powder and cracked pepper into their cuttings. Others use crunchy peanut butter or toothpaste and rub it with a toothbrush. I can't say I wanted to go to that extent with my cutting, with my luck it would have probably got infected. My aftercare consisted of cleaning twice a day, pulling the skin apart whilst cleaning, Vaseline, and dressing the cutting of a night when I went to sleep.

I would definitely recommend a cutting to anyone wanting something different. And I would without a doubt suggest visiting Pete at the Piercing Urge in Melbourne for all your slicing and dicing desires.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Pete
Studio: The+Piercing+Urg
Location: Melbourne%2C+Australia

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