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Bernzomatic and The Dremel Diamond point Experience

At the age of "53", and the occasional tattoo's throughout my lifetime, the idea of a permanent scar instead of the ordinary tattoo is what brought me to having my first experience in "Scarification via the Strike methodology".

BME was the first web-site that brought the idea to life actually. The more I viewed the screen-shots and read through the personal testimonies, the more anxious I became to pursue the initial procedure of scarification by branding with the strike method.

Long story short; Propane is not only cheap but a very excellent way to achieve a quick red-hot application that will leave without a doubt a 3rd degree burn every time. Researching some medical info on burns, layers of skins, nerve endings etc, I was amazed to find that my previous works of art via tattoo's where more painful in comparison to a red-hot strike to the flesh.

So I decided on a simple but meaningful design the "Star of David" or otherwise known as the "Seal of Solomon"; a 6 sided star. Transfer was taken off an avatar online and after shaving the area atop my right hand, I located the design off center (below the knuckles)to accentuate it.

I would suggest to others for the first time to invest in a hectograph pen for transference (medical surgical devise for mapping out the area being worked on for surgical procedures). My transfer was done using a black sharpie pen after projecting holes approximately 1/16 apart through tracing paper, where I had traced the 6 pointed design (Star of David ). Once visible, I ignited my "Bernzomatic propane cylinder" to about a 1/4th(length)flame and using a diamond point dremel bit (around $5.99)got down for the first strike.

The head was heated to a hot orange color approximately 3/8th in length to insure good penetration (3rd degree). Point: distributing the heated point to 3-eights insures this. My first whiff was that of burnt pork rinds to a piece of bacon being fried, I was ready to scramble some eggs seriously!

I continued effortlessly, one strike after the other with complete focus until I was done; total time was around 35 minutes give or take a few. Note: the strike will expand 500 times, as it is burning the adjacent areas surrounding the initial target (make sure your design is properly configured or you will lose the desired detailed design).

Once done, I scrubbed with a soft nail brush using "hydrogen peroxide" in one direction until all the black-charred skin turned to a semi-dark brown color, followed by a covering of a triple anti-biotic cream with zinc covered with a wet gauze pad moistened with "hydrogen peroxide" to cause agitation which the peroxide will do because it is caustic by its natural properties.

The first 3 days followed with 3 daily applications of "hydrogen peroxide" for approximately 15 minutes followed with a complete immersion in hot (hot as you can stand)water for 20 minutes. Then another dose of the peroxide until dry and once again the anti-biotic cream covered with gauze and a "ABD" pad until the next application.

Around the 4th day I was able to debride most of the eschar (dead skin)off which helps to produce a deep scar. Every 2 to 3 days was the same procedure to ensure a deep penetrating area encompassing the total design.

By the 2nd week new skin was filling in leaving a total scab (caused by airflow). By the 3rd week the entire design shrunk around 1/2 the original size. Now entering the 4th week the scab is level with the adjacent surrounding flesh. Point: the design I used should have been made twice the size for accuracy and detail as areas that otherwise should have produced sharp edges, now have a slight curve rather than perfectly straight edges, but otherwise for the first time really came out acceptable in my opinion.

According to the guidelines here I cannot proceed with another story, but after the 4th week I completed 3 others that are now also healing but with more facts to be told at a later time.

Key point here is to research the facts throughly before attempting your first. Overall it is a fascinating art form that compels originality to each owner, in my case being a perfectionist, I chose to administer rather than have a tech at the helm. Do not be deceived, the actual initiation is the most gratifying, the aftercare must be well disciplined and here is where you will experience the most pain during the healing process.

Looking forward in obtaining a cautery pen for the next, but some how I don't think you will obtain the same penetration by using the striking method simply my opinion.........Until next time, have a safe experience and carefully plan it out, and use only stainless steel, surgical if you can afford it, pig iron is definitely to primitive for these days...........just do it!!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Self-Initiated
Studio: Homefront
Location: North+Central+Florida

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