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Carving Out A Heaven

[[ Disclaimer. Despite all my research and the information I have gathered on risks, the importance of sterile equipment and the simple body shock factors that can happen, but don't necessarily do, I was unable to do the following scarification in a sterile environment. In no way do I endorse doing so, and have never and will never encourage anyone else to do the same. ]]

My newest scar was first proposed on the sixth of January, 2006, just before 5:30pm. The proposal came almost as an attack, my best friend messaging me over MSN with "We shewd make matching scarifications o.o XD." Simple as that. I was immediately interested, as I'd been contemplating getting a fourth anyway (all three previous have been done at home, by myself.)  

So I replied excitedly with, "Like??"

We remained indecisive for a while, looking through symbol websites and such for a symbolic and simple design. It took about fifty minutes of searching before this friend brought up the idea of Kanji, specifically the character for heaven or eternity.

After a discussion about the fact that heaven would not only be easier to craw and cut ourselves, but also more fitting, we chose heaven. This seemed fitting, as it represented part of what a lot of people see as the circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, and, depending on the life you've lead, then heaven or hell. We long ago began calling each other Best Friends for Life and Death, so it also seemed fitting in this way. We'd decided.

We then decided what kind of scar we were to let this become. We decided to do a simple outline, allowing it to remain a simple cutting instead of skin removal. My friend decided to do a home-made brand for hers. (She would later find out this was a very, very stupid move)

Then came the questions as to exactly where we were to place this. Yes, we were choosing the same spot. After minutes and minutes, and the knowledge that it needed to be in a place we could hide from parents, but easily display if we wanted. After ten minutes or so passed, we finally decided on the inside of the left leg, a couple inches above the ankle. The placement chosen for here was for two reasons. One, it was easy to access and at an angle we'd have no problem cutting, and two, we could hide it if need be. 

While online, my friend went about drawing the design and I printed a picture of the aforementioned design, as well as a picture of it backward.

Once I logged off, I took a piece of tracing paper and placed it over the backward print. After tracing the outline, I moisturised the spot on my leg I was to place it so that the image would transfer. I placed the tracing paper over my leg, and rubbed to transfer the image. Pulling the paper back, I could see it had transferred perfectly.

I had everything laid out. This time, I'd chosen a paring knife instead of a pin. As it was a larger project than even my rune, I knew this was smart. As with my three other scars (all of which have healed beautifully without complication), I set up the most sterile environment possibly available to a no-funding-provided teen. I'd set out a set of gloves, spray bottle filled with water, covered the area with white trash bags, grabbed a tube of anti-bacterial goop (for lack of a better word) and set a large pool of it out to clean the knife every now and again, as well as a towel and pin for smaller detail and such.

I cleaned the knife and began carving through the pattern with the tip of the knife. The first three cuts were tame. But one thing I had failed to notice then began to bother me. A small, barely existent kink was at the tip of the knife, causing pain. Soon enough, this pain became much worse, and had caused the area to become tenderer than it ever had before. I continued on, taking a fifteen minute break to consume some chocolate chips. I continued with this knife, thought the marks reddened, puffed, and faded completely. About an hour later, I gave up and found the other paring knife, this one kink-free.

It was with this knife, that the marks actually stayed, though I'm not sure whether or not the kink had anything to do with it or not. It didn't bleed, though, once I scratched at an itchy area and caught a scab six days later, it did.

Once I'd finally finished the design (only two and a half inches tall), it was tender and sore, to the point that I was almost limping. I took another blob of anti-bacterial goop and spread it generously over the cuts to help prevent any sort of infection.

January 6th, 2006, very late into the evening, I had my fourth scar. The Kanji character for heaven now sat upon my left inner leg, a couple inches above my ankle. And at the same time, it sat in the exact same spot on my friend's leg.

[[ Writer's notes. I admit, this was the most painful of all 4 scars I have. In my mid-teens, I do realise the dangers of infection and excessive bleeding and blood thinning agents, and I don't want anyone believing I was a foolish teen for not sterilising my equipment (as that wasn't possible in this situation). Anyway, happy modding! ]]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Jan. 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
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