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What Made Me A True Pirate

On December 29, 2005, Meg aka Ubergeekgawdess and I went down to Greenville, North Carolina to visit with Rob aka Rainshine and Steve aka Micro-wave Steve and I had started planning on the brand he would do for me and not long before I came down he drew up a design for me. Which I immediately loved. It was a skull and crossbones with hearts for eyes and a little crack on the top of head. After Steve sent me the design I showed it to one of my friends, and she asked if the crack was the Harry Potter lightening bolt. I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, but I talked to Steve about it and he said he would fix it. I didn't want anybody else mistaking it for that either.

Rob, Meg and I went down to Steve's shop, Cape Fear Tattoos on the same day we arrived in Greenville. When we got there we were greeted by Steve (of course) and Ashley aka Mercurianmoon. Ashley is Steve's apprentice and the sweetest vegan house mom ever. After awhile me and Steve started talking about my brand and when I wanted it done. I said of course as soon as possible, which was the next day. He agreed and I told him we would come to the shop the next day after we woke up and went to Target to pick up some items.

The next day, Meg and I went to the not-so-super Target to pick up some key items for my brand. Those items being: a soft bristled toothbrush, hydrogen peroxide and plastic wrap. We forgot the Vaseline, but we picked it up later that day at the local Walgreen's, which was fun, because Meg and I have never been to a Walgreen's before.

I called Rob to meet us at the shop and we arrived shortly thereafter. We sat around for awhile and I grew impatient. I asked Steve when he would be ready. And I told him if he didn't do it that day I would have to beat him up. Because I didn't come all the way down to Greenville, North Carolina to NOT get my brand. He understood. And said he just wanted to eat. 30 minutes later, he was ready and of course I had been ready for weeks.

What made me really love Steve was that he remembered to change the Harry Potter lightening bolt on my skull's forehead. Honestly, I had forgotten until the moment when he pointed it out and said that he fixed it for me. I was very pleased.

We went into his room and he had me stand up so he could see where the design would go. But we both agreed the stencil was a bit large for my leg. So he went and made it smaller. This time when he tried it on my leg it was perfect.

I called everybody into the room, everybody being: Meg, Rob and Ashley. Rob promised to hold my hand so he came on the side of the table and held my hand the entire time. Which I needed. And I gave Meg my camera so she could take tons of pictures, which she did and they were very good too. They are in a gallery on my IAM page (of course).

While Steve prepped everything, I laid on my stomach and was surprisingly not nervous. I held Rob's hand and thought "this is happy." Then Steve was ready. He said he was going to do just a tiny mark on my calf, with the cautery pen, to see how I felt about it. He made the mark and I said it wasn't so bad and he could continue. He proceeded to tell me that if I wanted him to stop and take a break at anytime to just let him know. I knew I wouldn't want to take a break at anytime because if I stopped I would never start up again, but I told him I would let him know anyways.

At first the pain wasn't so terrible. But when he got to the middle, where the eyes/hearts were I could barely keep from almost crying. I squeezed Rob's hand and told him to tell me a story whenever the pain got too horrible. And then he would tell me some random funny story about the BME events he'd been to. I am very glad that Rob, Meg and Ashley were there to talk to me and keep me distracted for the most part. When the pain was at it's worst I focused on their voices.

The brand didn't take very long, 20-30 minutes maybe. And at the end, my leg was in shock so I didn't feel much pain. All there was afterwards was the smell of burnt flesh. Yummy. Which Ashley said made her hungry, which I found to be hilarious.

When it was over, I laid there for awhile just to make sure I was okay. And when I was ready Steve and I talked about aftercare. I had already gotten the supplies needed. And Rob and Meg threw in their advice on aftercare as well. Rob said I should put salt on it, oil on top of that, peanut butter slathered on all of that and wrap it up in plastic wrap. I just shook my head and was like no, I think I will stick with my toothbrush and hydrogen peroxide.

My skull and crossbones with hearts for eyes looks beautiful and I cannot wait until it is all healed. It still hurts a lot, always. But in the end it will be worth all the hobbling and limping around.


I always wanted to be a pirate and this certainly makes me a true pirate now.


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on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Steve+aka+IAM%3A+Mircro-wave
Studio: Cape+Fear+Tattoos
Location: Greenville%2C+North+Carolina

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