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Three Cuts 21 to Go

Well I got my first tattoo when I was 16 courtesy of my grandma who passed away a week before I got it. Fittingly it was an angel on my back and I put her years alive in remembrance. After that I got a couple more tattoos (5 to be exact) but never really got that feeling that I was changing or modifying my body, more like drawing on it. I stretched my earlobes to a ridiculous size and realized I didn't like it so I got them back down to about a 4.

Then I came up upon BMEzine.com I realized there was a whole culture devoted to these body modifications. After about a month of perusing the site I realized I wanted to be cut, first problem finding a place that does it. I emailed a couple of previous writers and finally found a guy that did it near my hometown in California. After that I had to think about what I wanted, the cutting itself is art in itself but I wanted something that was both geometrically simple and meaningful. I decided on the Mayan lifeline design, I had thought of getting it done on by tattooing but cutting was perfect. I decided to get it down the back of my right forearm, and before long I had an appointment.

The night before I got wasted, I mean trashed, an open bar and 500 dollar bottle of Paradis will do that to a man. I woke up an hour late for the appointment!!! I went to the artist's house and he proceeded to take me to his basement. Being so hungover I didn't realize how long I was sitting there until he came back with a scalpel and a bunch of towels and other instruments. He told me to rest my arm on his work area while he did his work. The first cut was more a shocking sensation than anything, I didn't even really feel it until the blood started to trickle, he wiped the blood off and put a numbing agent around the area. The most pain was when he pulled the 2-inch piece of skin off, but being hung over I didn't feel too much. There was a lot of blood though the alcohol from the night before thinned it so much that we had to hold down some towels on the area for him to get a clear view of what was going on. He kept cutting and soon I had him stop because the room began to spin, nauseous I walked over to his bathroom and threw up, drank some water and told him to finish up. "You alright man" he said has he got back to work, "you know you shouldn't get wasted before you do something like this right?" I gave him the nod and told him to get back to work. He ignored my rudeness and went back to work, with each cut feeling a little worst than the last. The last piece of skin he removed seemed so small but hurt more than anything, maybe knowing he was finished up built something up in side of me but damn that last circular piece had me clenching my teeth to no end. After we were finished he cleaned my arm up and I went and looked at it.

Right after I went to a party and had people (mostly drunk girls) looking an my bandage asking if I got a new tattoo, and why the bandage was all bloody. I removed it and they realized the pattern was actually cut into my skin, some were cool others horrified but all were interested. It was beautiful, the way the design was carved into my flesh made it even more awe inspiring. Now that it is starting to heel I realize more than ever that this is much more than a tattoo, it is a mark on your temple something that encircles and delves into the very essence of you! It has been about a week since I got the cutting done and it has begun to heal up very nicely, my heavy drinking didn't help the scabbing process but the design is very clean and results are terrific. I haven't had problems living at the beach and exposing it to the sun, every time I go out people are amazed to see the design when I remove the bandage. In San Francisco I was talking to an owner of a mod shop who had spikes implanted into the base of his skull, he saw my cut and came over to talk to me at the coffee shop. Interesting people in san Francisco I tell you what and the cut was what opened him up to me. I will update in a couple weeks to get a full sense of how it healed.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Doug+Bryant
Studio: Basement
Location: California

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