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X marks the spot; yet another cutting experience

Soooo... another intrusion in my world, the world of body mods, of changes, of rectifying the flaws of the human body. So I've chosen this time, to tell you all about my second cutting experience. As you may know already, I've given myself a heart-shaped scar a few months ago. I decided I wanted another one, so yet again I gathered all the tools needed; eyeliner to draw the design, Polysporin, paper towels, cotton swabs, a glass of water, and this time I was smart enough to use a brand new scalpel.

I was sitting there one afternoon, wondering what to do, when all of a sudden I started thinking "Umm... I should give myself that other cutting I wanted..." That scar being the outlines of an X on my groin. Why the X, people ask, as everybody knows I am not straight edge, and me name doesn't start/ends/contains and X at all. So why? It's easy, I like X's. Xs for eyes on dead cartoon characters, Xs to mark something wrong, Xs to mark something dangerous or prohibited... I like the shape and all the different meanings it can have. So there for the signification of my soon-to-be new scarification.

So I went to my bedroom to gather everything necessary to make it nice and good-looking. Then, with all my stuff, I sat on the couch and found a comfortable position that would allow me to work easily while not getting either my arm or one of my legs sore. I took my eyeliner pencil to draw the outlines. I must have started over 5 or 6 times, as I wanted it to be very straight. Once it looked alright, I used a cotton swab and water to wash off most of the makeup, just so I could still see the drawing made with light grey lines on my skin. I applied a thin coat of Polysporin over the area, and then the fun began.

I had a #11 scalpel, and even though it was the first time I was using one, I managed to do good. Though I could easily cut myself a little too deep, it happened only a few time, and it doesn't show on the healed scar. So anyway, I started but cutting the outer, then the inner side of the outline, making it a double outline. After all of it was done, it was already bleeding a fair bit. After wiping it with paper towels, I started removing the skin that was in between the two lines, a strip about 2mm wide. I thought I would be able to remove it all at once, in a nice long strip but it didn't quite go that way. It was rather painful, so I would stop all the time, and with the scalpel being so sharp I would cut through the strip of skin often enough. I ended up removing about a dozen little pieces of skin, all in all. I was actually pretty grossed out by it to say the least. Oddly enough. Anyway after the procedure, I applied a coat of Polysporin, and then a plastic bandage like the ones you use for tattoos. I cleaned up my working area and them off to trying to put pants on. It really wasn't that bad, but I had to wear loose pants otherwise it would rub and would be painful.

As far as healing goes, I had no problems with it whatsoever. In the first few hours, the wound was bleeding and oozing lymphatic liquid and blood, as it always does. I had to tape a paper towel over the plastic bandage so it absorbs everything so I don't end up with stains on my pants. When I woke up the next morning it was burning like a tattoo does, and it did for a few days. I still applied Polysporin all the time, and doing my best to prevent lint, dust and other impurities from catching on to the wound and eventually get stuck into the scab. After a few days I could feel the scab all over, and it would look awesome. It fell off about 2 weeks after the procedure, leaving a white scar in the shape of an X on my groin. I have to say I like the way it looks but I wish it showed more, cause now it only shows a lot from certain angles, while u can hardly see it from other angles. I'm thinking of maybe getting it filled in with white ink, and getting a matching X in black ink on the other side. But that, is among many, many, MANY of my projects.

I should end up by saying you really should go to a professional for ANY type of mods, even if you think you can do it yourself... but that would be kind of ironic, right?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Oct. 2005
in Scarification

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