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Taken by the hand.

I have to start with a bow to Zachary; he's my role model. He took me by the hand and guided me through this experience. The design was an original I came up with. The location, my forehead like the Dhukhu (?) Tribe. Iv was based on their V shaped patterns, but where theirs is more of o radiating pattern, mine is more ornamental with a large V and four smaller ones coming up the center, with two medium sized V's on the side. As soon as I sent him a sketch of my concept he was psyched. This was highly flattering. I scheduled as appointment a month away so I could wean myself off caffeine (makes you bleed a lot), but then called the next day to reschedule for that week, I couldn't wait, I don't think he could either. Luckily I work for an engineering firm so I used AutoCAD to print out the design I wanted. The only thing needed to be done was shrink it to fit my head.

Oh I have to say they put the stencil on my head 3 separate times, until it was perfect. There's one way to describe his room in the studio, STERILE. White walls ceilings floor. It was perfect. I have to say he has the best sterilization procedure I've seen. I climbed up on the table, and he started me with some breathing exercises. Soon enough he was perched over me with a scalpel asking if I was ready. "Ready as I'll ever be". He started on the small cuts. I have to say it's intense. The sensation is more of a hot burning sensation; the most unsettling thing is the sound you hear as the scalpel splits your skin. Each cut adds a little more pain, the endorphins are not even noticeable until after its done and bandaged. Being on the forehead there was an assistant Chrissie I think. She was on blood control. He worked quickly but with precision. Each cut gets progressively worse because the one before is hot and burning, while you are feeling the new line being cut. I first thought about counting the lines but decided, focusing on breathing and trying to entrance myself would be a better ideal. At one point I asked was he halfway done, he said one more line to go and I was so happy, but then he said now we just have to go back into all of them to even it up. After he went over each line. Any way he had to go back and make sure that all the lines where consistent. This is when he reminded me I would be glad after the fact. The one thing worse than a cut on the head is cutting in a cut on the head.

The whole thing healed really fast (like 5 days the scabs were gone) with no problems, which is a testament to his sterility. I haven't scarred yet, but I am 110% satisfied with the results so far. I would have to say this is the most spiritual modification I have had. Having him guide me down this journey has given me a new respect for him. You can't go through what I went through without developing some kind of affection for the person that guided you. I plan on have him do my back with one of his designs probably incorporating flesh removal. I'm also going to have him scalpel my labret to get a "plate" The tattoo artists there are A+ especially for custom work. The owner is even cool, with a good set of rules, no one under 18, nothing on the hands or necks unless you already have a sleeve If you live in the Louisville area go to Streamline, it's right by burritos as big as your head. The staff is friendly and down to earth. There are always cool people hanging there. I would never go anywhere else. This was the first procedure I have had that is not a piercing except for the small tattoo on my arm. It was a giant leap into modification. Being so permanent and prominent. I'll be posting pictures on BME and also on my IAM page.

I am recently a member of The CoBM, and this has reinforced my beliefs. I have never felt so alive, or so myself, every time I look in the mirror I get a smile. It has also given me an opportunity to spread the word, because I get many questions asked. I can't thank Zachary enough for giving me the opportunity to experience this wonderful journey, and it's my hope he takes me on many more. He is also the piercer, tongue splitter, and genital beader. I've seen some of all his work; he truly is a master and a perfectionist. I'm never going to let anyone else work on me if I can help it. This big of a jump is not for everyone, so far work hasn't complained, so all is well, Ill fight that fight when it needs to be fought.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Oct. 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Zachary+Kerr
Studio: Streamline+Tattoo
Location: Louisville%2C+KY

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