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DIY burns

I had been interested in body modification since I was 10 and because I was and still am underage I cannot get anything done professionally so I would play about with different things like razor blades and matches and I know it's not very clever to do it yourself but I did not want to wait, I could babble on like this for ages but I will just get on and type the story of my burns.

So, I was sitting up in my room with the usual blade, lighter and matches ect. and I had come up with this design it was simple and mostly circles, I had been talking to a friend about it and he said I should use a safety pin I tried it but I could only get a few millimetres before having to heat it up again so I went in search of something that might work, I found a pack of joss sticks I will not go into detail about what type they were or anything.

I had heard about using joss sticks from a friend I had met online who told me exactly how to do it with sticks and cones (does not matter which one you choose) and said it was a very good method for simple designs and I believed him.

I took the joss sticks to my room, tested how it would burn on a bit of paper and drew crosses where I wanted the burns, I lit the joss stick and held it very close to the first cross it took about two or three seconds before it started to burn and my first reaction to it was ' this is not so bad' but then it really started to burn "OH FUUUCK" but as it went on I got used to it there was only one cross I had trouble with and that was the last one, my arm was tired of holding the joss stick at the same level and the last burn of that part came out very uneven so I had to go over all the over ones to make them look the same.

Then I had to start the line it was really hard to do, I should have used another method for that part but I just couldn't be arsed so I kept with the same joss stick that was nearly burnt up it was a long and painful process that requires patience and a steady hand, I have neither so I kept accidentally burning parts of the line that was already burnt eventually I gave up as it was taking ages I decided to finish it over a period of days, after I finished that section I got some soothing gel and rubbed it over the burns to cool them down a bit, it did not work and it just started to hurt more and more, it was probably one of the worst ideas I have ever had.

I took pictures on my phone of what I had done and showed them to my friends by text most of their responses were along the lines of 'you are a crazy fucking bitch' ect that was strange as most of them had attempted some sort scarification themselves in the past.

The next day the line was too blistered to do anything with it so I started on a new section using scars that I already had as a guideline, this part was easier as all I had to do was leave a burning joss stick across a scar until I got the effect I needed but these burns healed quickly and are now barley visible, whereas the ones on my hand healed badly and are still very clear I gave up on the lines completely and changed them into something else, the end result was quite spectacular, the lines turned into butterflies and for something so simple it looked amazingly beautiful and turned out to be something I am very proud of today, but it still is not a good idea especially for a first scar the whole thing probably took an hour each day I did it and most of the time they healed very badly and hurt like hell when the blisters popped.

I would never recommend this method to ANYONE even if they were very patient and had the steadiest hand ever mainly because it never looks how you will expect it to, it hurts for ages after you've done it and it will intoxicate your lungs with smoke not to mention it will stink the room out I am still trying to get the smell of burnt paper out of my room.

I am warning you it is NOT a good idea DO NOT do it, no, really do not do it, do not even think about doing it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Oct. 2005
in Scarification

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