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Little cuts, re-cuts, and my choice

I've got a couple of mods already, so I'm not very new to the body modification community. But, most of the mods I've gotten are ones my mother couldn't know about. She's one of those parents who are very against "mutilating your body" (her words, not mine). I have two scarifications, one done by me, and one done by my friend. I also used to have my nostril pierced. The scarifications are the only ones my mom doesn't know about.

My second scarification, that was done by my friend (IAM: Captainmarcus), is an X on my upper thigh. Because I'm Straight-Edge, I figured this would be appropriate. A couple days after my X was done, Marcus gave me the idea to get either two more smaller X's added (one on each side), or the traditional S and E. I considered this, and told him I'll see, once the first X is healed.

So, about two weeks later, my X was healed, and my mind was made up. I wanted the two smaller X's done. Simply because I thought that my first X was already too small to fit the S and E on either side of it, and have them fit properly the way I wanted.

The only problem was, in a couple of days I would be leaving to go to my fathers (in Ontario) for two weeks. We decided to wait and I'll get the X's done once I get home.

The following two weeks were hell. I was so excited about getting my X's done. I could hardly wait, and was counting down the days until I got home.

Finally August 1st came, and I went home. I saw Marcus that night, and we set up an appointment. That Wednesday seemed like a good day, seeing as I didn't have to baby-sit and he wasn't busy. So, now, more waiting.

Wednesday, my scarification day, came quickly. Marcus and I woke up early (and I mean EARLY) and left for his house. We would be doing the scarification at his house because my mom had a day off that day, therefore she would be at home. We got to Marcus' house, and sat around for about half an hour, while Marcus ate and I spoke on the computer to whoever might be awake at that early hour.

Finally, Marcus told me to lay down on the futon. I pulled down my pants a little so he could have room to work. Marcus set up all the equipment, put on his gloves, and marked me. He put four dots on either side of the big X, and made sure they were equal. Then he asked me if I was ready.

"Go for it".

He made the first cut. I'm not very new to being cut, so it didn't bother me very much. I watched the entire time. In minutes, he was done the first X. He started on the second one. At one point, Marcus went a little bit too deep, and I twitched. It wasn't a big enough twitch to mess up the cuts, but it was noticeable. And before I knew it, he was done.

I sat up a little and looked at my new additions. They were perfect. Bloody, but perfect! I kept pressure on them to keep the bleeding to a minimum. Once the bleeding stopped, we cleaned up, and I thanked Marcus and left.

It wasn't until I got home and looked at the cuts before I realized that the second X, the one he went to deep on, was too wide, and made the other one look off center. I sent Marcus a message a couple of days later asking if we could fix this. He said we could, but it would mean cutting over the cuts that were already there. I didn't mind, although I knew this would hurt a little more.

So, the next day Marcus came over, and fixed the X's. He re-cut the X that wasn't as deep as the other. Meaning he would have to go too deep again, but this time on purpose. I twitched again. I bled a little more than I did last time, even though this was only one tiny cut, as opposed to the first time when there were four cuts. I took some pictures, because that's just how awesome I thought it was. The pictures are on my IAM page for anyone who wants to look.

I did the usual aftercare. Scrub the cuts every two days with a CLEAN toothbrush, and clean it with vinegar. I followed these instructions carefully, and my X's have healed beautifully. My thigh was sore for a couple of days afterwards, but that's normal and I'm used to being sore after a scarification.

I took pictures of my X's all throughout the healing process, and, of course, they're on my IAM page for anyone who wants to take a look.

Whenever Marcus scars me, I always make sure he wears gloves and that the scalpels are packaged. I doubt I'll ever go to anyone else to get scarred, because I've seen Marcus' work before, and it's great. So, to anyone out there getting scarred, make sure your artist is wearing gloves and everything is clean.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Sept. 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Marcus+%28IAM%3ACaptainmarcus%29
Studio: His+house
Location: Lachine

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