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Dragon of pain

Do not try this at home. I did this because I think I can handle most problems that may occur, and I also plan on doing scarification professionally. Please read this for the information, and don't replicate it at home.

I had just had my septum punch on that afternoon and Andre, my piercer, showed some interest and fascination toward the scarifications I previously made. He also told me that it could get very popular since it's different but still looks good. My self confidence was boosted, and I felt I should put more time to perfect my technique. I had previously done 3 scarifications; one faded away, one didn't come out as I wanted but the last did look quite good.

That same night I decided I had to get bigger project because if 'I'd do some for business, it wouldn't always be small work like I had. I was finally moving on with a bigger project. My trisquel was a 30 cuts project, and the BME Celtic ring was pretty much the same. This one, my dragon, was close to a 100 cuts. Once again I took it like a test; if I couldn't do it on me, how could I handle doing it on someone else?

I got my transfer ready, my sterile scalpel, cleaned my work area and moved on. I started by the tip of the nose, moving by the dragon's back, leaving the harder parts for later on. The jaw and claws were looking quite touchy. Maybe it's because it's not my first scalpel experience, but the first few cuts were not that bad, the usual burning sensation was tolerable. The usual skin splitting sensation was tickling me under the burning feeling.

Then as I moved on, the more it started to hurt. After a good 20 minutes I hit the tip of the tail. I had to cut 2 or 3 times to get a deep cut. Then I realized, if I didn't cut it right the first time, I had to do it again, and again, until it was right. So I started to push more, to get the whole thing over. At this point I wanted to give up, and forget about it, but I had to keep on going. My only motivation was the fact that I had more than half done. Each cut was taking hours, and each curve was a test on my mind. My latex gloves were making my thumb numb, and I started to have a cramp in the hand. I felt like breaking down in tears, but I had to move on.

Somewhere around the first claw, I was not able to take it anymore. The hour spent to cut my thigh was taking its toll. I started to have a light head, and to feel sick. Every cut took me all I had. I had to fight my-self for every single time the blade was slicing the skin. Each strike made me feel sick and tired. I was about to quite, but the thought of having a bad looking scar was forcing me to do the next line.

The last claw took as much time as the back of the dragon. Although I could see that some parts were too shallow, I was happy with the result, and knew that I had to do a touch up. The whole process took me 2 hours, from the preparation of the transfer to cleaning the floor.

4 days passed by, and everyday while doing a peroxide scrub, I was hoping not to do the touch up. But there was absolutely no way I could avoid it. I didn't have the guts to do it, so I listened to my heart. I got everything ready, cleaned the area, and started the design backward. My theory was if I cut deeper in the beginning and shallower at the end, cutting backward would even that out. It didn't exactly work that way, but it was worthy to try. Slicing the scab was like cutting trough dried white glue. Hard and flaky, tending to fall off when disturbed. As I moved on the scabs were cracking under the blade. The sound was unbelievably annoying; it almost sounded like someone was crushing chips next to me. I had to work the claws again to make them look better. The process must have taken 45 minutes from preparation to cleaning. It was still exhausting, but nothing like the previous time.

It has been over 4 months since I have done it, and I wrote this about a week after the touch up. I'm not satisfied with the result, but I'm still unsure if I can do it again. I had a skin removal professionally done about a month ago. I'm thinking about asking Efix (who did my skin removal) to touch up my dragon, but I'd like to say it's my work.... Yet I need to get some anesthetic agent to numb and allow me to go deeper. I still don't regret it, but I never foresaw that much work for this scarification.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2005
in Scarification

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