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Navel Branding and Surface Piercing Experience

Both in one session - a lot to take!

I've been a fan of body modification for as long as I can remember – certainly since my early teens. Over the years I have has multiple piercings (at the moment I have an 8 gauge ring in my right nipple and 2 14 gauge rings and a 12 gauge horizontal bar in my left nipple. In the past I've also had between 1 and 4 rings in my navel, but don't have any anymore. That's all another story, though). I've never really been into tattooing but after being in a few S&M relationships – some of them fairly heavy – I began to realise that I liked the way that my chest and stomach looked when it was "damaged" (again, there are a lot of stories there!). Instead of a tattoo, the idea of having a branding had always appealed to me but I'd never really had the opportunity to go through with it. Although I have multiple piercings my job means that I have to at least appear to be plain vanilla so I have to be a bit careful about what I have done (like lots of other people, I suppose).

I had been with the girl (who is now my wife!) for about five years when we decided to take a couple of weeks of vacation in California (we live in Europe) and decided to base ourselves in and around San Francisco. She is also into the S&M way of life and has multiple piercings of her own (one in her navel, a ring and vertical barbell in one of her nipples, both outer labia and her clit hood) – she is the S in our relationship and enjoys exploring her sadistic side. She had, of course, known for quite some time about my desire to eventually be branded and we'd toyed around in an amateurish kind of way.

Anyway, we arrived in San Francisco after a long flight from Europe and spent the first couple of days doing the usual touristy stuff until one afternoon she insisted we visit a part of town that had no real tourist interest. When I asked her why she wanted to go there, she told me that she had arranged an early birthday surprise. "You're going to have a couple of surface piercings in your chest – because I like the look of them! And you're going to have my initials branded into your stomach – that way you're mine. You belong to me and I'll have left my mark!"

Well, my head was swimming. I couldn't fully grasp what was about to happen but I was thrilled – and more than a bit apprehensive. The next quarter of an hour rushed by. We went along to the shop and I signed the consent forms. Then we went through to "the chair" and we discussed the piercings – both of us together with the piercer – as they were going to be done first. I was going to have 2 parallel, vertical 12 gauge surface piercings over my ribs on the left side. I opened up my shirt and lay back, just waiting to start. In the past I'd had a single, very shallow piercing in the same area and the scar, though a few years old, was still very much there. The first of the new piercing went in quickly after having been marked out alongside the original scar. The pain was quite intense at first and though I could feel the bar slipping through, it wasn't so bad. The second, though, was a bitch. We agreed it was going to go through the old scar – for maximum effect (and maximum discomfort!). Its position was marked out, half an inch or so from the first piercing and directly into the old scar. That took some thrusting and hurt like hell as it went through. Before we moved on to the branding, I took a quick look in the mirror – and liked what I saw!

The endorphin rush had already hit me – mostly because of the second piercing – so I was already well prepared as the oxy-acetylene torch was fired up. I still couldn't quite believe that I was actually, after 10 years or more of wanting to do this, going to get branded! My girlfriend had decided that I was going to have one of her initials on either side of my navel, running inside it. She had already arranged all of this with the shop and we didn't bother to discuss it any further... There was going to be a "P" on one side, with the curved part formed by two straight lines pointing into my navel, and a "W" on the other side with one of the bars running out of my navel on the other side. As the first piece of steel was heated in the flame of the blow-torch, my excitement (and nervousness) began to rise. I lifted my head and watched the first strike – the upright of the "P" – hit my skin and be pressed deep into the flesh. A little smoke rose, along with a searing heat that was gone in a flash. The next two strikes came quickly. First one of the lines making the head of the "P" and then the other. Each in turn impacted my flesh and then it was rolled deep into my navel with full force. Now, I have to admit that during our S&M play I just love having my navel tortured in various ways and what to most people would seem horribly painful began to feel exquisite – kinkster or what!

After the "P" we took a quick break so that I could take a look at the effect in the mirror. Although the seared flesh had a black line in each of the strikes and appeared to be a bit messy, the effects were pretty impressive, with the curving effect into my navel adding an extra dimension – the branding seemed to have depth. We carried on. After recomposing myself, we began the "W". Again, I watched intently as the iron struck my navel and rolled inside, this time on the opposite side. Again, plenty of smoke. What I haven't said up until now is that my girlfriend was photographing the whole of this – and the smoke is clearly visible in the photos with each strike! Three more strikes completed the "W" and we were done – game over. The branding looked really cool with its extra dimension and I was really pleased with the piercings. Together, the overall effect was excellent. I suppose that the branding was clearly visible for a year or more after the event before it eventually faded away, but even now after a couple of hours in the sun it reappears. The piercings lasted about two months overall but I left them in as long as possible to maximise the scarring – hey I've got to have something to remind me!

It's now 2 years on and the piercing scars are still there – and I still like to see them. Unfortunately for us (and you!) we used a traditional clockwork camera and not a digital but one of these days I'll get round to scanning the photos and will upload them for all to see.

Maybe I should start dropping hints to my wife about a scarification for the next birthday. What do you think?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 May 2005
in Scarification

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