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My first strike branding

Hello fellow readers. My name is Kenevin and today I decided to write about my favorite Body modification: My strike branding.

It all goes back a few months ago when my friend got his ear pierced; I thought it was so cool I wanted to get it done as well. After a month of fighting with my parents I finally go their authorization.

After the first week I started looking into ear stretching and started stretching my ear a month later. Then I got a scarification (cutting).

So after that I started looking into something new and my friend told me about Strike Branding. I wasn't so sure at first he told me strike branding was really painful. We then sort of forgot about it then I found a blowtorch in my step-dad's tool shack. I took the blowtorch and went to my room I was all excited I thought I was so cool I was going to Brand MYSELF.

After two minutes of reflection and searching for a suitable piece of metal to do the branding with my moral went down by about 4 points. I had a bunch of paper clips but I thought "wouldn't they melt?" And I wasn't interested in wielding paper clips to my arm.

Then I remembered my tapers my friend told me they were made of surgical steal and I figured they wouldn't melt. Now I know nothing about fire and blow torches so after getting a bunch of paper towel to wrap around my hand holding the taper so I wouldn't burn it I realized...I didn't know how to work that blowtorch!! Ok it really wasn't that hard but it got me wondering "Where can I find a lighter" the answer was simple my step dad smokes (stupid me) so I took one of his lighters and got ready for the branding I lit the torch and here I was burning the taper.

To show my stupidity I had not drawn anything on my skin because I had absolutely no idea of what I was going to brand!! I made up my mind to do an "X ", why? Because I'm a straight-edge and this would allow me to show it more. I still hadn't drawn it but I was confident in my geometric skill so I started applying the taper on the skin. At first I was shocked by how painful it was I really didn't expect it to hurt that much but I kept going, doing little parts at a time. After about 10 minutes I had 1/2 of a line done but I had gotten used to the pain by now and could do more, quicker. I kept going at my great disappointment I realized the skin had not yet changed color and it worried me I was wondering if I was not doing all that for nothing. But I kept going and when I was nearly done I noticed the first few marks I had done and started to turn a pinkish color and we're starting to rise up a little I was so proud of myself. When I was done I put the blowtorch away as soon as possible and put the taper into cold water to let it cool down before I'd touch it again (yes, it was BURNING HOT).

After the blowtorch was away and the taper back in its box I cleaned up the rest of my mess. Paper clips were lying around everywhere and I had a big pile of paper towels on the floor so I picked everything up and threw it away. I then glanced at my branding for the first time and like how most of it was pinkish already. I then got on the computer and started chatting and then the branding got REALLY itchy it was really hard to put up with so I started scratching it softly it wasn't as painful anymore but the skin had started feeling like leather.

The day after when I got up and saw how nicely the branding was starting to scar I was amazed it had all sort of risen up and turned of pinkish and reddish colors I was really happy about the results so far and I started scratching the scabs off. I didn't know if I was supposed to or anything but I did it anyways so now there are a few spots were its darker red from dried up blood.

Now when I look it I see not only a symbol of straight-edger but also a bit of who I am. This scar is going to be on my arm for the rest of my life and it makes me extremely happy. When people ask me if I'm going to enjoy having and " X " on my arm when I'm 70 years old I simply tell them: "well I'm still going to be a straight-edge at 70 years old so yes I'm still going to like it".

And i do recommend you see a professional before attempting this!!

Mods are something personal you should never let yourself be influenced by someone else's judgment if some one tells you its stupid ignore them. And to all you cute couples out there don't let your boyfriend/girlfriend get your name tattooed or scarred somewhere on themselves, or don't let them pressure you into doing it.

Kenevin Aka Suffer @ The Raiders Coven, a haven for killers


submitted by: Pragmatism
on: 27 May 2005
in Scarification

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