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self done star branding

Im in what I would say is thy early stages of my modification development, and I have had the idea of getting a star somewhere on my body for ages. But I never really knew where I wanted it or what type of star it was that it would be. I thought about getting a red star with black outline tattooed on the underside of my wrist but the urge to do this faded, due to several factors. However, I still wanted a star somewhere and of some description on my body.

I had just finished a self branding on my hand of three circles which I love to pieces, so I thought another brand would be perfect for me. As at the moment a tattoo isn't an option for me to take. I had talked about branding with my boyfriend and looked through BME for inspiration and so decided to go for it.

Although I had thought about it for a while the actual process felt like a spur of the moment thing, I had a few tins so was nice and relaxed, and then went for it. At first I was unsure about where to start and slightly nervous as I always am when I do stuff like this. I decided to start with a circle so I had something to work on, and I knew it was pretty simple to do. I used a similar metal object that I used for my circles on my hand and chose a nice place that I thought would look good (just above the pubic hair, on the right hand side). I heated it up and placed the hot metal on my flesh, as I did my leg tingled abit (I think I hit a nerve laughs). However this stopped almost instantly. I had to re-burn it a few times to get the depth so that it could 'heal' properly, I was quiet satisfied with the outcome at this stage. I knew roughly what it would look it from my previous branding and so was happy. At this point, I then lost the urge to do anymore to it that night so left it be for a while.

During the next few days I picked continuously at the scab that formed over the branding, I had done this previously so found that it does work quite well, plus the temptation is far too strong. After about 5 days I got the urge to continue, I had a few tins and thought it was about time I got on with it.

I drew out the star around the previous circle I had done a few days earlier. And I found a razor blade with a good edge on it which fitted nicely over the drawing around the circle. Once I was happy with what I was doing and had all the equipment out that I needed and after I had a couple more tins, I lay down on my bed to start the process of heating up the blade and burning the skin, (this time there was no tingling). I had to do this several times for each point of the star to get a good depth that I was happy with. When I had finished I lay looking at it with a smile on my face proud of my creation. At this point it was red, sore and covered in black ash. It looked pretty much like before I started just abit redder. I decided to clean it up by heading in the shower, this way I could pick off the dead skin which had been burnt and give it a good scrub to irritate it so the scaring would take longer, giving it more of a chance to go how I wanted it to be. I then sat and admired my progress of a fresh branding that I hopefully will enjoy for a very long time......or so I thought.

After a few days I could see that my precious star had not worked out the way I planned, it had merged together as it was only small, and the scaring started to fade and lose its pinkness, although it is still recognizable as a star I was disappointed to see this happening. However I am determined to make this work all it needs is a couple of touch ups and I should maybe make it abit bigger. I wont give up on it as it is something that I want to complete and be truly proud of.

I do feel that I have learnt something more about myself from this experience and about how far I can go with pain etc. I really enjoyed doing it however I would probably recommend getting it done by professionals if you want it done properly and correctly. What I did probably wasn't safe and wasn't the best way to go about it. But I guess we all learn from the adventures we choose to take.


submitted by: _black_velvet_
on: 19 May 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: self+done
Studio: my+bedroom
Location: Durham+N.E+England

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