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Searing Hot Pain of DOOOOOOOM = Star!

"So whats next? A branding?" asked Eric as he removed the CBRs from my back (he was taking out my corset piercing.) "Well, actually, yes!" I answered. "I've been thinking of getting one for a long time, but I just haven't the clue of where to get it, or what to get. So when I decide that, then Eric, I'll let you brand me!" That was back in July of 2004.

Over the next few months I visited Eric frequently to hang out and to get various other modifications. Each time, Eric kept on asking when was he going to brand me. I told him when I got the money. I was really just stalling to decide whether I really wanted a brand or not. Finally I gave him an answer of what I wanted. I wanted the symbol of 'tiger' with a star around it to place on my right hip. I have my chinese name oh my left hip (I'm half chinese) and I was born in the year of the tiger, so I decided a brand to go with my tattoo.

The day that he handed me a sketch of the brand, I freaked. The brand was as big as my head!!! I forgot that brands can't have a whole lot of detail and thus the tiger symbol had to be huge. This made me stray away from it and choose a different design. So over the next couple of weeks I doodled and doodled and finally came up with a design I wanted. The design would consist of a star to represent my life and a diagonal line behind it to represent me. Then when I get married, I'll add another diagonal line, and then when I have a child, another line will be added. And the last line represents ALL the children I have, no way will I brand myself five times if I end up having five children.

So when I went with my boyfriend to get his ears dermal punched, I told Eric of my design and he told me that he would have it ready whenever I was. I decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment then. He wanted me to be his last customer of the day since the smell of burnt flesh in the shop wasn't the best smell to welcome new customers of his.

Finally the day came and I was jittery the entire day. Never had a modification scared me so much. I mean piercings are easy! Within a second they're done, plus they don't burn you over and over again. My chemistry lecture, I swear was longer then the hour and fifteen minutes. Finally my classes of the day were over and I headed over to PokedUTattoo around 9 o'clock.

As usual, Eric was there greeting me and my boyfriend and handed me the new and improved design. "Yep! That's exactly what I want!" I responded. With the design confirmed, Eric had me sign the usual papers and take yet another copy of my license. After the fun paper work was done, Eric asked if "I was ready to get burned." "Umm when is ANYONE ready to get burned?" I answered as we walked towards the back of the shop.

Eric quickly got the room set up and I made small talk to calm my nerves. 'Wow, I'm actually going through with this!' I thought to myself, but I'd come this far, I wasn't going to leave that shop without a brand on my hip. Finally the room was set and I guess I was too. I wore some scrub pants because they're so loose. So I pulled them half way down, exposing my unburnt skin. He cleaned the area and then it was time for me sit down and be ready to be burnt.

"Okay, I'm going to do a test strike on you just so you know what to expect, alright?" Eric said. "Well ok," I answered. He took the glowing cautery pen and quickly struck my skin. As my skin sizzled with less than a second of the strike, I levitated to the ceiling. I am not kidding, it's the whole reaction on if you touch something hot, instinct tells you to pull away as fast as you can. Since I couldn't go to either side out of fear of falling off the chair, I went the only way I could, up! Okay, so we got the test strike out of the way, now it's time for the real thing.

After Eric and my boyfriend peeled me off the ceiling I calmed myself."Alright, are you ready Allyson?" Eric asked. I whimpered with a 'no.' So he asked again, and got the same response. He finally stopped asking me and just went in for it with the cautery pen. I must admit that for the first few minutes of the brand, I was yelling just a few obscenities at Eric while gripping onto a broken mechanical hand like there was no tomorrow. Finally after a few minutes, my adrenaline kicked in and I actually calmed down and started to joke a bit. I humored myself by 'moo-ing' and took my camera to take pictures from my point of view.

The sensation of being branded is nothing that I can put into words. After Eric stayed on an area for awhile, I got used to the sensation. Then every time Eric struck a new fresh piece of skin, I jumped, and my skin sizzled and smoked. It was actually kind of cool to hear what kinds of sounds my skin could make. Finally the words came "And you're all done!" I looked down, and there it was, my brand, I'd done it! We looked at the clock to see how long the brand took, and it only took nine minuetes! Now thats speedy branding! So as I sat there and my adrenaline started to go down I sat, smiled and stated "Eh, that wasn't so bad." Eric just laughed and joked that "thats what they all say!" Eric then cleaned my brand a bit and went over the aftercare with me and made sure I understood what to do.

After I left PokedUTattoo, I got my usual treat as I always do after every modification...an ice cream cone! I was so pumped up, and that night, it didn't even hurt! The next day it was throbbing a bit, so I took a few Ibprofen and went off to school to show off the brand. Many were appalled, others shudder, and even more loved it. The healing of the brand was anything less than pleasant. After every shower I had to pick the scab, which was quite painful. I also was told to irritate it as much as I could. So, as Eric instructed, I poured peroxide on it and then patted it dry. I also bought a facial scrub brush with stiff bristles (like a toothbrush) to brush off parts of the scab, that I couldn't quite pick, or that was too painful to pick. I also found picking the brand was really painful and bothersome. So I got the "genius" idea to put some sterile gauze over it so my brand didn't ooze or stick to my pants, then when I removed the gauze in the shower, my scab came off with it! It wasn't as painful as picking it!

Soon, within about a month, my brand stopped scabbing and scar tissue started to raise. Pretty much the worst part was over and I was left with a beautiful raised scar, that itched like hell! Now only a five of months later, my brand feels great. Instead of a light pink scar I have a dark pink, almost purple scar. Being branded will be an experience I will never forget I can't say for sure if I'll get anymore brands, but I know I'll always be doodling. I can't till I get married and start having children, so then my brand, my life, will be complete.


submitted by: Pheadra
on: 30 April 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: IAM%3A+PokedByERiC
Studio: PokedUTattoo
Location: Indianapolis%2C+IN

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