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Star No Star ( DIY )

This all started a few months ago. I began to have the urge to pierce myself. I felt like I wanted to do something myself, to see if I could, if I was strong enough. I wanted it to be a sort of bonding experience with my body. I told myself I would not do it without the proper materials though. I decided to wait until I had the money to buy them. I tried not to think about it and went on my way. As I was getting ready one morning I noticed a scar on the back of my hand. It is flat and white. I eyed it and went in search for more scars on my body. I realized they are all the same way.

I had never considered scarification because I hadn't liked the look of raised pink scars. Once I realized my body doesn't scar like this I started to think about it. I knew I should start with something small, made of straight lines. I wanted to do something in my waist/pubic region. I decided on either a triangle or a star. I tried both out in several positions and finally decided on a star. I printed a few out and tried the different sizes. Once I had picked one I traced it on my skin with a marker and left it there. I went about the rest of my day looking at it every chance I got to pull my waistband down some.

Later that night (around 1am) I decided to just go for it. I knew it was stupid and that I had always said I would never do anything this way but I felt like I needed to do it. I gathered some stuff; a towel, gloves, paper towels, a razor, alcohol wipes, and some cookies. I washed the razor with hot water and soap. I know this is not the safest thing to do but it was my only option at the moment. I washed my hands well and put on the gloves. I wiped the blade down with an alcohol wipe and sat on the floor on a towel. I started shallow because I wasn't sure how deep to go. I had read 1/16th of an inch or so. I was amazed how little pain there was. It was more like a stinging. I could see the skin separate before the blood began to bead up. I made my cuts and wiped the blood away with alcohol wipes as I went. The wipes stung more than the cutting did. I cut each line twice to try and make them deep enough. It bled a good amount, not a scary amount though. When I was done I pressed on it with a paper towel. I used pressure to slow down the bleeding. I ate some cookies while I waited on it to stop. After a few minutes I stood and wiped it off again. I took off my gloves and washed my hands. I covered it with a bandage so I wouldn't bleed on my sheets, cleaned up the bathroom and went to bed.

The next morning I took of the bandage and examined my work. It looked pretty good with only one flaw. At the sink I used a clean wet washcloth to rub the scabs off. I sat down and poured sea salt on it. The salt stung a lot more than the cutting. I rubbed it in with my fingers and waited a few moments. Once I could see the star through the salt I stood and brushed the extra salt off into the trash can. I got into the shower and washed it well with soap to get the salt off. It was sore and stung a little. The star was also raised. I have done this twice now (in the morning before my shower) and am hoping I it will help it to scar at least some.

This experience was really great for me. I am proud of myself for being able to go through with it and do it on my own. I am really anxious to get the money to buy piercing needles and try my hand at that. I am glad that I did this for myself and am anxious to see the result. I am also very lucky and grateful that nothing went wrong.

I would not suggest doing this on your own. None of my steps were very safety conscious and I run risks because of that. Always go to a professional for any type of work. Also, I do not think my cuts were deep enough and I will probably not have much of a scar because of this. If you go to a professional you trust, you can be more certain you will receive the results you want.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 April 2005
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+bathroom
Location: Denton%2C+Tx

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