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how not to attempt my first strike branding but be lucky enough to get exactly what I wanted

Hi well this is my experience of trying to brand myself.

I'm a traveller living in a converted bus within a small travelling group. I had been toying with the idea of branding myself for quite some time, I had started winding myself up about it and after a while decided that I would do it. To keep my courage up I went and told all my friends what I intended to do and they all came round to mine to watch. If I had attempted to do it on my own then I would have bottled it. If only I knew then what I know now I so wouldn't have done this brand this way, please don't anyone try and copy what I did.

I had decided that I wanted a ring branded around my right nipple and looked for metal items I could use and that were the size I wanted. I settled on my smallest cock ring, so my iron had been chosen, I genuinely thought this to be a good tool believing that I needed something pretty heavy to hold the heat, I'm a body piercer so I have all sorts of clamps and chose some suitable to hold the cock ring, I then prepared an area near my cooker to place the things I needed, I wasn't really concerned with sterility being as I was dealing with red hot metals. A week or so before I had been given a phial of inject able lignocaine which I had no real idea how to use but any how I injected this whole phial into and around my nipple this was scary enough because I had never injected myself and left it some twenty minutes waiting to feel numb.

So the scene was set I had about twenty people in my home to witness me do this in fact they were there to stop me backing out, I also had everything ready that I thought I would need including a substantial first aid kit. I had waited ages it seemed for the lignocaine to work but it just didn't seem to be happening so I got the iron I was using clamped it and put this over the gas on my cooker, it was only when the iron was red hot I actually realised the possible implications of what I was attempting. Well I got it red hot and then went and sat down but a bit inclined, that first attempt all I could do was look at the iron start sweating profusely and get very scared, I cursed myself for being a fool and getting all my mates round. Then I got a jolt of determination and got up again and heated up the iron again. Again I sat down and held the brand about 15 cm away from my chest and even from that distance I could feel it searing my skin if the anaesthetic was working I couldn't tell, well I delayed to much and it went cold again so back to the cooker. I was beginning to get heckled a bit by my mates but I didn't let it put me off, I sat down yet again and this time I got it to about 10 cm from my chest. I just found it impossible to beat that primal survival instinct, I could not apply the brand myself no matter how determined I was.

I got up and threw the iron in the washing up bowl which was quite dramatic hissing and all and stormed out side really pissed off with myself, I raged around outside for about 5 minutes shouting and bellyaching about what a twat I was then I calmed down. I sat on the step of my bus and smoked a spliff then went back inside, I got the iron out of the washing bowl and rinsed it off and put it back in the gas. I knew now I wasn't going to be able to apply it myself so I asked my closest friend there if he would do it. His first reaction was to tell me to fuck off but after a bit of badgering he agreed.

When the iron was red hot I went and laid down on my bed and my mate "Paddy" brought the iron he was really scared and was worried how I would react if he didn't do it as I wanted, So while trying to stay calm I told him no matter what that it would be ok. Well we looked each other in the eyes then I laid back and shut my eyes and held my breath. Nothing on this earth could have prepared me for the pain. I could feel the iron coming from about 20 cm away and it seem to take a while because he was trying to line it all up then BANG he loosened the clamps and dropped the cock ring onto my chest, I screamed and tried to stay as still as I could while this ring was hissing and sizzling on me the pain was out of this world I have never before experienced something so painful . After less than 2 seconds I rolled over to get rid of the ring and because of the heat still in the ring it skimmed off my skin and slid down my side burning me as it went.

The ring landed on my bedding which instantly burst into flames so instead of being able to just collapse and recover a bit I had to jump off the bed get hold of the cock ring with the clamps and then put the fire out if it hadn't been so panicked it would have been hilarious.

Luckily the burn wasn't actually too deep because I believe if it had been on any longer I may well have done myself some permanent damage. And through accident rather than design my brand did actually turn out as nice as I hoped. It is very faint and for quite a big brand very subtle. It took about three months to heal completely. The only problem I had while healing it was occasionally when I'd stretch for something and it would split the scabbing but that was ok because I was removing the scabs daily to increase the scarring. The scars on my side from where the ring slid off faded over the first six months which I was glad about.

My advice to anybody experimenting in this field is do your homework there is a lot of information out there to help which I didn't have access to. But play safe and enjoy I say. Thanks for reading my experience TWYSTED.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Dec. 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: I+attempted+it+but+a+friend+had+to+finish+it
Studio: at+home
Location: bedfordshire+england

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