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My first tattoo experience!

When I was younger I always knew I wanted a tattoo when I seen the cool girls with the lower back tattoos. I thought they were so cool, so I was determined to get one so I could be just as cool. I started looking up websites on the internet looking at all different types of tattoos from all different sources. I guess you could call it shopping around. So I'd spend all my free time looking at websites and the different artworks from various parlors, and of course one day my mother seen me looking at the website and automatically knew I wanted a tattoo.

Of course my sister came home from spring break when she was already 18 with one, so I didn't think my mom would ever approve and 18 was still a while away. She had got a small flower on her ankle another typical tattoo for a girl to get. Anyways, there was a girl in town who did tattoo's, she wasn't a professional but we'd seen some of her work and knew she was good. I asked my mother if she'd sign for me to get a tattoo before I turned of age, and the answer was no, but I didn't let up. I'd let a month or so go by and I'd ask again, and again and again, until she finally said maybe. I read many articles on how tattoos are permanent and will be there your whole life, and how tattoo artists advise you to pick something original and that you would really like, because yes, it will be there unless of course you get it taken out. That was another factor, I looked up many pictures of tattoo removal, and the images were disgusting. I took all this into mind and started searing for particular tattoos in general. I love stars and I knew that's what my first tattoo would be of, on my lower back. I came across BME Tattooing and found the large gallery of star tattoo pictures and I was in heaven. I found a design a girl had got that I really liked and altered it to what I liked and made it my own. Basically I got inspiration on a design. Also the tattoo artists will help you with a design if you ask.

Now, it was time that I finally convinced my mother to let me get a tattoo. I suggested we do it as a bonding experience because she had never got one either. It was a new experience for both of us, and we did it together. We got ahold of the lady who would do it. We looked at her books again, discussed prices and set up a different date we would come back to do it. She wanted to make sure this is what we really wanted. We contacted her later that week to make an appointment to come in. We got there and she explained everything she would do before she even got any of the equipment out. As she was putting the ink into the container and getting the needle she explained how they send their supplies off to be cleaned professionally so we know we are safe. My mother agreed to go first. She shaved her leg where she planned on getting the tattoo to make sure there was no hair left over. She put the design on the transparent paper, and applied a substance to the skin to get the design to show up. Finally she fired up the tattoo gun, and started away. My mom didn't flinch a bit, so I thought piece of cake, this will be easy. So finally it's my turn, and I'm kind of nervous, but I was like oh well suck it up. The same exact procedure happened as did to my mom, I got my back shaved, and the design stuck ok. I heard the tattoo gun and knew it was coming. The first prick just felt like a bee sting, so I thought I can handle this. Well my design was mainly straight lines, so she tried to do the whole line nonstop before she put more ink on the needle so it felt like constant pain. I'm straddling the chair, my butt crack hanging out and an audience watching me. I felt like the biggest geek in the world because it hurt. I tried not to show that it did, but of course they could all tell I was in pain. When the needle went over my spine I felt like I could feel the pain all the way up my back, but soon that went away.

All in all my tattoo probably took 30 minutes. It seemed like 2 hours. Anyways, I was finally done. I went to look in the mirror and although my back was read and kind of puffy I was so proud of my tattoo. I made sure I washed it and kept it moisturized, and I guess I was one of the lucky ones because my tattoo didn't scab over. It was one of the experiences in my life that I wont forget.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2004
in Scarification

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