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Flesh Removal Part One

My interest in scarification in general started soon after finding BME online. That point in time I was young, and though interested never even thought of knowing someone skilled enough for me to trust to do this to me.  Now a few years have passed, and I can say I know a hand full of people I would trust to.  Big changes have been made in my life over these past few years. Starting out how many people actually would ever imagine them selves going as far as they have.

With time I've tried different experiments with scaring my self. Self done cuttings on the back of my hand, and piercing my ribs with straight barbells so they would reject and scar are two of the more remember able ones.  After the ribs is when I started my interest with flesh removal back in 2002.  Not having known more then what I knew from BME and seeing pictures on there in my head it was nothing more then the fact it looked awesome to me. In the late spring of 2003 I had the pleasure of staying with Sean Philips from the BME QOD, and learned during that time more then I could have ever dreamed of not only about flesh removal, but many things body modification related. That's when I decided for sure that that's what I wanted to do on my ribs.

Before going up to visit Maryland I met the man that would later do my flesh removal. Approximately some time in October 2002. He was the new tattoo artist at the shop where I'm pierced at, and sat in on me having my septum pierced at 6ga.  After that he invited me to come suspend with them the following Sunday witch became a regular thing, and he became a good friend of mine.

Fast forward to May 2002.  He is now working at a shop in Houston, TX. I go to see him to have my keratotomy, and we decided to do that at the same time. I had settled on what I wanted of course long before then.  What I decided on was the half inch out line of some approximately 12" stars on both sides. So to say the least they would cover most of my side. I want an identical one on both sides, and then to later tattoo the center of it in solid black.  For right now I've sat through the cutting on the right side, and about 1/5 of that side was removed.  That was all I could take before I had to cry uncle, and stop for the night.

That night after returning home with a fresh meato., and the flesh removal all I could be described as was wiped out.  I fell asleep on the floor.  Woke up later and moved to the couch where I was staying.  Nothing pain wise to note besides the side did hurt a bit to lay on when I first laid down on it forgetting about it, but go figure on that one who would expect that you know.

The next morning could only be described as hell. I awoke to my side throbbing, and sore.  That was only the first of it the worst part was yet to come.  I went pee, and then the fun part was getting ready to come.  Shower time oh yay shower time.  It sucked.  That's to put it lightly it sucked.  The cuttings around the part to be removed didn't hurt really at all so much, and the removal though bad had nothing over on this.  This was like hell to the 10th power.  Not only did the water hurt to touch it, and that really was a surprise.  I expected a nice cool shower to make things feel better like most aches, and pains are by a cool shower.  I had to remove the bandages.  Ever imagine something that feels like your ripping your skin off with your hands, and nothing else?  Well that's this.  I tried a variety of ways to get them off, and the one that worked the best for me was slowly and I mean very slowly easing it off.  Tearing it off little by little.  Yes it hurts, but not as bad as the big pain of ripping it fast.  Just ripping it off fast worked as well in spots especially over the parts that was just cuttings.  Nice big pain but get it over with.  Just soaking it off was the one way I'd say not to try at all. It just hurt like hell and did no good at all, just got it wet and sore and sore, and didn't remove the first inch of it.

Let us cover the after care now. Keep it clean, and don't fuck with it.  Its pretty simple.  The way it works is DON"T FUCK WITH IT!!!! Your removing your skin, and not a small piece of skin either it really doesn't need any irritation to scar its going to do that no mater. Most doing these scrubs like you do for cuttings is going to do is irritate it, and keep it from healing.  Longer its open like that more chance you have of something getting in it, and making you sick. After it scabbed I did pick them. I also after a week or so got tired of sticking to the sheets so I started sleeping with a sheet of plastic over it. This easily pealed off the next morning. Also because the plastic doesn't breath, and thus gets hot the sweat seemed to melt the scabs, and irritate it some what, but not much at all.

Even though the side wasn't finished like I had hoped that was still a lot of flesh taken off so I had some antibiotics incase anything started to go any where near wrong with them seeing as your skin is your first line of defense against infection and such. I took theses for about 2 weeks after I started them about 3 weeks later. I also through out the time it was healing, and being sore took  pain meds. as needed for the pain.

Its now the late part of August and pretty much healed far as wound wise. Its quite raised, but I do expect it to settle like its going to be long term for the next year or so.  For now even with out the irritation the cuttings are mostly raised and all well defined.  I've always scared semi easily.  Even some remnants of my hand scaring that was done are left, and that was done by me neither deep enough nor did I irritate it.

That's pretty much it for it so far. I will be writing anther part to this story after the next sitting in witch I hope to finish the right side, and the time following that in witch I hope to get the left side done in one sitting. So to sum things up. This mod. does hurt, and isn't something where the pain goes away rather quickly, at least it didn't in my experience. The results wore better then I had ever hoped for, but something you better make sure is well worth the pain to you before hand. I'd also like to add a warning that all drugs taken by me where prescribed to me, and you should never take someone else's prescription meds.  This said with out them actually being for this it doesn't seem like something that would be easy to get prescriptions for with out the doctor thinking you're a nut job unless they are very familiar with you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Aug. 2004
in Scarification

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