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Probably the dumbest thing i ever did

I first found out about scarification on BME, I'd never seen anyone with it before so I wanted to know more about it.(Originally I'd wanted facial piercings but after a lot of asking and a lot of being told no and that it's barbaric, I started looking at scarification.) Since I was about eleven I'd liked tattoos and piercings, but at fourteen it was still another four years until I could get a tattoo, or a piercing without my parents permission.

I found scarification to be one of the most beautiful things I'd seen people have on their bodies. After reading nearly all the stories on BME it seemed like quite a painful but worth while experience. I asked the guy at where I get my ears stretched about it but he said they didn't do it there, but he thought you had to be eighteen to have it done anyway. I hadn't been to any other piercing and tattoo studios so I didn't want to ask them, as I probably wouldn't trust them poking at me with pointy things like needles.

Then I started to think about it like a dumbass.

I'd read about people doing scarification on themselves, I decided that this was what I'd do because, A) I was to young to get it done professionally, and B) It would be more meaningful to me for some unknown reason. I thought about it and researched it more for about three months, I guess this wasn't long enough.

I decided I would use a scalpel I got from my Dads first aid kit kind of thing, to cut a little capital "A" on my chest. I chose to do it on my chest because I could hide it but if I wanted to I could show it to people. But I had to wait another three weeks until my swimming team had our six week break, this way it wouldn't have to get wet or chlorine-ified for a while. I was really scared encase it might get infected or something from the chlorine.

The six week break came and I began getting together what I thought I would need for my scarification. I had a shower then laid out what I thought I needed along the bathroom cabinet. This was, a scalpel, paper towels, disinfectant, salt water, plasters, bandages, ice. I cleaned the scalpel and my chest with the disinfectant; I used a piercing marker pen to draw a little "A"(about 3cm high) in the middle of my chest. I held the ice over it, while I got my courage up.

I pushed the point of the scalpel into my skin and followed it round the lines I'd drew, I managed to keep my hand steady and ended up with a smooth, not very deep and very bloody "A". I started to feel sick so I put my head out the window while I mopped up the blood with the paper towels and wiped it with disinfectant. It was still bleeding a lot so I stuck the bandage over it using the plasters.

I was really scared it would get infected so I changed the bandage every few hours that day and wiped it with disinfectant every time I changed it. By the next day it had stopped bleeding and didn't hurt at all, I stuck a plaster on and carried on as normal. I avoided getting my scar wet for a few days and I don't really know if this was what I should have done.

It's just over a week since I did my first scarification and luckily it hasn't got infected and doesn't hurt. I got a sense of achievement from this and I feel more confident in my abilities. This is very important to me and I know I'll look after it very well. Only my best friend and my boy friend know about is because it's very personal to me.

I was hoping to also do a little star as well on me somewhere, but I recently found out exactly how stupid I've been. I'm now planning on finding how old I need to be to get it done professionally and where to get it done. Even if it is eighteen I'm willing to wait four years to get scars done safely and professionally. I'd rather wait then do it myself and get unlucky and end up with an infection or something.

I know what I did was stupid, very stupid. Luckily it hasn't got infected but that doesn't make it any less stupid. Never do what I did, scarification, like tattoos, are practically forever and should be very well thought about.

Get it done by a professional who knows exactly what they're doing.

Seriously think about it and if you really want it.

Don't do it yourself. Unless you know exactly what to do, you have the right tools, but it's way better to go to a professional.

Thanks for reading and don't be stupid like I was.

x Aimée x


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Aug. 2004
in Scarification

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