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So, I've done the piercing thing and the tattoo thing and love them both (more of a piercing person though) but was looking for something more. I had known about scarification for awhile from various sources and had always been interested in it but never really thought to do it. About 3 or 4 months ago I became more interested in it and was seriously considering having something done. I tent to be more spontaneous when it comes to piercing (probably because you can take them out, though I never have) but when it comes to tattoos or any other more permanent art form I take some time to plan. I began to look at various designs to get an idea of what I might want. After some drawing and looking and all that I came up with a design I liked that had meaning to me. Now, where to put the thing? After some thinking (mostly about where I could put this thing without my boss freaking out, or my grandma), I narrowed it down to either the inside of my right ankle/calf, my lower back or the left side of my stomach. The leg idea was tossed when I decided that my leg was exposed too much and I can't see my back (I got my first tattoo on the back of my neck and decided that this was something I would want to see without the use of two mirrors). So, that left the side of my stomach. Plus, the design would look awesome there.

All that out of the way, I now had to make one of the most important decisions of this whole ordeal, and that was who I was going to let cut open my skin. This is where BME came in. Looked at the different scarification pictures and really liked Dave's work. I called Chronic Tattoo, not really sure whether Dave even worked there, and found out that he did, in fact, work there. Intense, huh? The guy on the phone told me to come in and talk to Dave about what I wanted done, so the next night, my friend and I did just that. He looked at the drawing I had, looked at my stomach and all that. We discussed the different ways it could be positioned and which would accent my figure and all that. He made a copy of the drawing so he could check it out, while I took the original to continue admiring. We then made an appointment for 2 days later for 9:30 in the morning.

Got up, got dressed, ate some breakfast, was ready for this. Very excited actually. My friend and I went in and he welcomed us and started prepping the room. My friend and I decided to go next door to the 7 eleven to get a drink and he joined us. All the while we we're talking about the cutting and whether I would cry or yell bad things and all that. So, back at the studio, he finished prepping the room and began to draw. First he used a red marker to get the general idea as to where he would begin drawing. Then he busted out the black marker to begin drawing. Standing still for this was one of the hardest parts. After drawing, I checked it out and he lied me down on the table. Another of the hardest parts was probably lying on my side for so long. My hips got in the way.

Now the fun stuff. He informed me that he was going to make the first cut so that I wasn't surprised. I was excited, as was my friend who was with me for moral support (or something). He made the cut and it felt pretty close to the way I expected it to. As he was cutting he explained to me that he makes the initial cut then goes over it to further open the skin. Sounded good to me. It was pretty much just him cutting, and me being cut for the next hour or so. As he was almost finished, a colleague of his came in and checked out his work. I didn't want to see it until it was done, but she seemed to like it. The very last part of the procedure included drawing on 4 small dots and cutting them to then remove the skin. So, he stood me up, drew (me still not looking) and lied me back down. This part hurt. Cutting around the dots was just the same as all the rest, but removing the skin was not. 3 of the dots were pretty quick but one was particularly stubborn. I swear he was hacking at that thing for like half an hour. He finally removed it. He then deepened a few of the lines that he felt could be better. At this point every cut seemed to hurt more than the last. Every time he would cut, my nerve endings would freak out and my leg would like spasm. It was actually quite humorous. But then, he was done, and I had that post-mod high. He cleaned it up with some surgical gel stuff and then I got to look at it. I LOVE it. It is beautiful and so worth the money and pain. It looks awesome. I paid him, tipped him (we had had a conversation about people who don't tip...), and left there very thrilled but not looking forward to scrubbing the cuts the next morning. But it just makes the experience that much more memorable, right?

I love my new cuts, soon to be scars and had an awesome experience getting it done. Dave was absolutely perfect. My side profile now has an awesome story and picture with it. Can't wait until it scars up...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Aug. 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: Dave+G.
Studio: Chronic+Tattoo
Location: San+Diego%2C+CA

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