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I never thought...a branding for me???

I have been into body modification for almost three years now and I had never even considered branding. I had never even heard of it until I went to a rave in Toronto, and a girl there was showing me a tattoo and describing to me parts she wanted to get branded. That began to interest me, but I still never considered it for myself.

I tend to get in these moods where I know I want to get some body work done, but I never know what it is. I end up going to the studio and deciding what I want done right then and there. So on an ordinary day, I went into Artistics and I just happened to ask if they knew of any studios that did branding. I wasn't expecting any local studios to do it, but Jeremy (the piercer) said that they did them there. I asked how much they costed and asked if I could make an appointment, and lucky for me he said he had time to do it right then. I had a symbol picked out because it was of a tattoo I had planned to get eventually. The chinese symbol for "self".

While I filled out paperwork, Jeremy went and got the stencil ready. He asked where I wanted it to be done and I asked him what would be a good place? He said calves tend to take nicely and so I took his advice. Left calve to be exact. I asked him if he had ever done a branding before and he said only two but that they had all turned out great.

We went into his room and I was told to sit up on the cushioned table with my legs out in front of me. I had to take off my shoes and I remember being worried that my feet would stink cause I had just gotten off work about an hour or so earlier. He put the stencil on me much like how they do for any tattoo. Then his apprentice came in and I was informed that he would be holding my leg down because usually people flinch from the pain.

Now to be honest with you, when I first heard of branding I thought it was going to be exactly like the type they do on cows, but it was not like that at all. He warmed what looked like a dull needle in the flame of a blow torch till its point was red hot and then he made little "flicks" into my skin. The needle cooled quite quickly so he had to keep putting it into the flame again and again.

It did hurt quite a bit, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. I did clench my teeth though. The only thing was that I couldn't look at him putting the hot needle into my skin. I had to turn away otherwise I knew I would pull away before it even touched me. I also must add that the stench was horrible. It kind of smelled like burnt Doritos. I felt bad for the apprentice because he was getting the worst of it with his face being so near it. And we were in such a small room with the door closed and no windows! It was kind of funny cause I had been worried that my feet would stink and this was far worse!

Because it was a rather small brand it only took about 45 minutes to do, which I was grateful for. It looked the coolest for about the first two days, then it got kinda gross. Since I had to pick the scabs all the time, it started to leak this orange coloured ooze. I would be at work and look down and there was a trail of this stuff leading right down into my sock. It was rather gross.

It has been a little over a year now, and I must say it didn't turn out very well. It isn't raised from my skin at all and it isn't very red. It kinda looks like a faded bruise or birthmark. And I guess I

had the design done too small because as it healed some of the lines of the symbol blended together so that you can barely tell that it is a symbol anymore.

I don't blame Jeremy, I probably didn't pick it enough or something. And even though it didn't turn out liked I had hoped I do not regret it. I do plan however on getting it covered up with another brand when I save up some money. Their studio now uses a laser type tool, which is able to do more fine detailed designs. And I can't wait. I like knowing that I was only the third person he had ever branded....I felt special!! And I felt even more special when he took a picture of it for his portfolio.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Aug. 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: St.Catharines%2C+Ontario

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