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extending the scars

I've been working on my leg scarification now for the past 3 years. For the first two cuttings Luis Garcia whom used to work at Infinite in Philly just did 2 separate scalpel cuttings.

Man, that shit not only hurt, but what was even more scary was the amount of blood I lost each time. The first cutting I got done wasn't so bad, but the second time I thought I was gonna bleed to death. It was as if someone had stuck the proverbial pig-me.

After I got cut a bunch of us went out to some club for a night of merry making & had a blast. After the party, as the lights are coming up I'm looking around & there's blood everywhere. All over the dance floor. My leg was completely red. Soaked. As I'm leaving the security is stopping me asking me what happened. I told them I got cut & they thought I cut cut by someone there & they wanted to call the cops. Big ordeal.

After the club me & my boy, Eric(r.i.p.) were driving home & we got pulled over for running a red light. The cops were kind of sketched out when they saw the leg too. I had to get out of the car & show them the design. They thought we were involved in some illegal shit. Once they saw the design they were cool & we had a decent conversation about body modification. The one cop even ended up taking off his shirt, pulling up his t shirt to show me his back piece--this huge vietnam era piece--nice work.

The pain I could deal with. The burn felt good. It taught me to control my emotions. Contain my pain as my own. Deal with it & let it go. But the blood loss scared me.

Luis told me at a later date that he was somewhat distressed at one point because he was so near a blood filled vein.

I have wanted to get this design done on my leg now for years, but the blood made me hesitant.

I was talking with John at Infinite in Philly & he showed me this new design he had on his chest. It was done by skin removal. I had heard of this procedure before, but for some reason the barbaric nature of the act made me steer clear of it. After talking with John & getting to really know the procedure I thought I'd give it a shot.

The fact that blood loss wouldn't be as severe as with a straight cutting, & how much I trust John,I thought I had a winning combo. And after all is said & done I was proven right. This procedure kicks ass.

I arrived at the studio around 9pm & John & I talked for a few moments. Loosened up. Then it was that time.

I got to lay down on the table, John marked me up. I wanted to continue this tribalistic arrows design I have going on so we marked up 8 arrow heads. Two near my ankle & three on each side near my knee.

John is very attentive & always sets me at ease. He is constantly asking me how I'm doing, will pause if needs be, etc.

I gave him the go ahead & John dug in. Now with this procedure the outline is cut with a small scalpel so I had that hot,burning sensation during that part. After he had all the outlines cut out, he used a set of hemastats to pull up the end of the skin & using a bigger scalpel he sawed off the top layer of skin off.

At times I would look up & see the top of John's head bent over my leg & his arm sawing back & forth. All I kept thinking about was leather face sawing away my face to wear. Very disconcerting to say the least.

The whole thing took less than a 1/2 hour. The pain was tolerable & I will do it again. The blood loss was minimal, so I'm happy with that.

There were only two problems. One, the table I was on was too short for me. Being semi tall has its disadvantages;& I can't even dunk a ball. Two, my leg got infected real quick due to the pollution attacking it while I'm on my bike

I'd take a shower in the a.m. before work & by noon my leg was swollen & hurting. After a few days I realized that I should keep it covered for a week or so. Mow, it's all good. Almost healed.

Some advice for those interested in this--do it. If you are interested in getting a cutting do this procedure. The results are way better. And keep that wound covered for a good while.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: john+%40+infinite+in+filthadelphia%2C+pa
Studio: infinite+on+south+4th+street
Location: filthadelphia

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