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"Yeah Sure A Soldering Iron is exactly the same as a Cauterising Tool

Let me start by saying that this tale occurred nearly five years ago when I very first started piercing and new very little in comparison to what I do today.

I had wanted three stars branded on my leg for a number of years and had been to the only place in the state at the time and had a look at the quality of work and was not impressed at all. Having done successful strike brandings on others and myself I was sure I could do a better job if only I had the correct tools.

I precede to search various medical suppliers for a cautery pen but to no avail, then one day I my flat mate said to me "What about a soldering iron?" I thought about what he said for a few days then went to radio shack and had a look at their range. I asked the clerk some questions about the about the varying temperatures and if they stayed at a constant head, what sort of materials the tips were made from and so forth. He said he had no idea so I bought the cheapest one for $7.50.

Next on the list was finding an appropriate stencil for the stars, easy solved as I had just bought some new converse, I cutout the star on the box.

I decided to wait until that evening to get started.

When the time came I simply had a shower, shaved the area to be branded and plugged in the soldering iron so it could get really fucking hot. I started tracing the stars on the side of my calf but needed a bit of a hand putting the last one on as it wraps around the muscle and over to the back of my leg. After the stars were on I checked in the mirror, all applied well so a started.

First very lightly around all the stars so that the skin was just seared and then again and again taking longer, deeper strokes. YES it had started to hurt a bit but I was really starting to enjoy myself.

The thing I had noticed about a lot of the other brandings I had seen is they seemed to start to fade out after a while. I figured I had that under control; I'd just do them as deep as possible.

So fast forward about half an hour and my leg is starting to look like I had in mind only some of the lines aren't quite even around the edges so I decided to have a break for a while and then finish off the edges. It's around this part I noticed the house had started to smell really really bad. It reminded me of the time I burnt a bin full of hair behind my dad's hair dressing store.

While I was sat out the front of my little house having a coffee my other housemate came home, some loose chick he just picked up in tow "This was going to be really fun".

I went back inside and they were sat in the lounge where I had only minutes before been modifying myself. My housemate had a rough idea of what id been doing but the chick was clueless. So I sat down next to my set-up and started where I left off. It took about thirty seconds for her to realize what was going on. These were her immediate actions in there respective order. 1. Scream 2. Vomit 3. Run down the hallway and out the front door never to return.

It took about another ten minutes to sort the rest of my branding out then it was finished. I had realized before I started that in order to get the optimum amount of scarring I needed some sort of irritation, problem solved again: salt and paprika so a got a handful of each and rubbed them vigorously into the stars. That was that that really hurt. After I'd settled down a bit I tried to go to bed but literally could not sleep all night.

The next day the leg didn't hurt too much but it was agony to touch the actual stars that were about five –eight millimetres deep and an off pink whitish colour.

In the shower the day after as soon as water got on them my lag spazzmed and it took about forty minutes under running water for it to settle down. After the shower I patted it dry and again rubbed salt and paprika, making the stars even rawer and deeper. This was so uncomfortable I new I couldn't put it on again. That night as my leg dried out it started so secrete a clear amber fluid.

Over the next three weeks my leg went through various stages of fuct. My calf swelled so it was the same thickness all the way down and I lost all shape in my ankle.

Sleeping was impossible and I had to smoke large amounts of weed so I could get even just a few hours per night. It didn't really hurt too much to walk on in was more when the blood started flowing again when I was standing still.

Eventually after about eight weeks it had sorted its self out but the starts were still very pink and blistered.

In all total healing time was close to a year.

I must say that of all my mode including 8 ga ampallang, 2x0ga dermal conch, 8ga septum, 8x 10ga hafada, Multiple nipple, lip, tongue, navel piercings, Over 320 piercings in my back as part of a side show and countless BMX related injuries that the 4 weeks after that branding was the most uncomfortable periods of my life.

I'm really not into preaching to people but please you are considering and branding or other scarification procedure GO TO A PROFESSIONAL.

BY the way the stars are still there as white and bold as ever.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 July 2004
in Scarification

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