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Gargoyle Wings

On July 16th I went to Austin to have my wings cut into my back. I chose this particular medium because I wanted wings but its common to see people with tattooed wings and I thought that scarification would be a good alternate to make my wings a little bit different than everyone else's. I used BME Zine to research scarification and found that many people write experiences on this website but most of then are home scarifications and I didn't feel that I would be able to relate to there experiences because I would only have this done in a professional environment. I though that my experience would benefit the site because it would add information on what this procedure is like in a shop setting.

It took me about a month to find someone to work on me that I was comfortable with. After going to about 3 shops and not being pleased with what I saw I was told about Chris Kane. I called him and was extremely pleased because he was very professional and, in my opinion he just seemed to be a really nice guy. I took him the drawing of what I wanted done and he quoted me a $300 price. I think I got a pretty good deal considering that this design covers the entire top of my back.

I went into this expecting the pain to be a little worse than a tattoo, and I was completely incorrect in this thinking. I have 25 tattoos and have had multiple peircings and I thought by now that I was really good at taking pain. This whole procedure challenged what I thought about this. I have never been a cutter, and get a little annoyed at the fact that most non-modified people think that people who get lots of body modification are into pain. I don't enjoy the pain of body mod; I think that over the years I have just grown good at dealing with it. Chris started this off much like a tattoo, by redrawing my design onto transfer paper, cleaning the area with antimicrobacterial soap, and transferring the design to my skin. Then we got to the cutting part. I was really apprehensive about the pain, and also unsure about how deep I wanted him to cut. He explained that the deeper you cut the thicker the scar it leaves. I didn't want a thick scar so he made my cuts about an 8th of an inch deep. I was really surprised by how much it hurt! It was a really sharp burning sensation, much like when you accidentally cut yourself. I was also surprised by how much it bled. I could actually feel the blood running down my sides, it was pretty icky. The first wing took about 30 minutes and I was quite ready for a smoke break after that. When we went to do the second one he was more in his groove and it only took about 15 minutes. He wrapped me in saran wrap and gave me instructions to go home and get in the shower using cold water until the bleeding completely stopped. This really really sucked. The first 10 minutes in burned worse than anything. It finally stopped bleeding and I dripped dry so I didn't have to rub it with a towel. It continued to burn as it dried and really badly for about an hour afterwards. Thank God for Ibuprofen! It finally stopped hurting and I went to sleep. I was surprised that I didn't wake myself up rolling around on it, but I actually slept really well. When I woke up there wa °>ÃwŒë s a little bit of blood on my sheets and my shirt was glued to my back. Ripping it off was NOT fun. It continued to stick for about 4 days afterwards. After about the first day I was pretty much in constant pain, and quite aggravated that I couldn't put a bra on. I had a doctor's appt for a surgical follow up and I showed my doctor (who thought it was really cool) who was nice enough to give me a prescription for Darvacet. I'm not sure I would have made it threw the next couple of days without it because it still hurt pretty badly despite the painkillers. It was also kind of aggravating because it wept a lot and was constantly making little wet spots on my shirt. After about the 4th day it finally formed a dry scab and the pain tapered off. It's been a week now and it seems to be healing well. It's incredibly itchy; it feels like my skin is 2 sizes to small. All and all, despite the pain, I'm really glad that I got it because its beautiful looking and I plan to post pictures on the website as soon as it heals. I strongly recommend getting body modification done in a safe and sterile environment, meaning if you do this at home with a razor that's been laying around your house for a year or two that I think your an idiot. I, personally, would rather pay a little bit more done and know I wasn't going to end up with an infection. For anyone thinking about this, I would strongly recommend taking a couple of days off of work and giving yourself adequate time to heal because, unlike a tattoo, this does ache for days afterwards. Best wishes and happy modifying! If you have any general questions about this type of modification my email address is listed above and I don't mind answering questions about my experience, although I am not a licensed body mod artist.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 July 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: Chris+Kane
Studio: Body+Rights+of+Austin
Location: 6th+Street%2C+Austin+TX+%28Inside+River+City+Tattoos%29

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