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Devotion to Linkin Park

Warning: What I did below is unsafe, and dangerous. If you want to have a scarification done, I strongly suggest either a. using nice clean tools or b. getting it done by a professional. Please do not copy my exact movements. The way that I handled this was stupid and I could of really hurt myself. I was lucky, you may not be.

As I type this, I look down at my newly carved Linkin Park symbol which is visible on my pale foot.

Before I go into detail on how I did my carving, I think I should tell you the events leading to it.

My favorite band is Linkin Park, and I am very dedicated to them. I have over 200 pictures on my wall, 3 posters, 2 shirts, a wristband, and every cd and dvd ever made by them. Thats how dedicated I am

I went to this leadership camp back in March, called Camp Success, anyways I met a guy there by the name of Alex. I saw that he was wearing a Linkin Park Shirt, so of course I am going to go over there and talk to him. When I walked over and talked to him, he took off a bandage on his arm and showed off something to me, the Linkin Park symbol carved into his arm. when I saw this, I thought that it was totally awesome, but it never occured to me until recently to get it done myself.

Back in June, I began to think about the Linkin Park symbol thing again, and I called up Alex, talked to him and told him what I was planning on doing, and I asked him what he used. He told me that he used some sort of really sharp knife, cant remember the name, and I told him I didn't have one, and if a knife would be okay, he said no, and I was like, what about a safety pin? I knew a safety pin would cut because I used to use it when I used to cut, but anyways back to the story... he told me that that would be good. I decided that I wanted it on my left foot, so I sat on my moms bed while she was at work, and got to work on it. In about a hour, it was totally done, I scratched the whole thing with the safety pin. And it healed really good, but then recently, while I looked at it, I noticed it was really really fading.

I did not want it to fade, so I took a pair of scissors and tried to go over it, but it would not work. I went downstairs and looked for something to carve it with. I could only find the package of disposable razors that we bought when we were in florida though, so I took one upstairs, took the lid off and tried to do carve with that. But I couldn't get it to break the skin, so I took a lighter and knife, and I lit the razor on fire and pulled the plastic off the blade with the knife. After that, I went and got a wet wash cloth while it was cooling down, then when I got back, I turned Linkin Park on my CD player, and with the sounds of the band that would be forever carved into my skin, I slowly ran the blade across my skin over the faded scar already there until the blood started to pour out onto the cloth.

I carved and I carved, with blood dripping and oozing all over my foot, leg, hands, and the razor blade. Then, when my special carving was complete, I cleaned my carving, the blade, and the area in which I cut the carving off. Then, I took the blade and put it under my bed for later use. To bandage my self inflicted wound, I took some toilet paper, wrapped it around my wound 6 times, then taped it with package tape and put a sock on over it. I believed that to be too uncomfortable, so I cut the home made bandage off, and I just wore a sock to bed.

When I woke up the next day, I took my now pretty bloody sock off and cleaned my carving off, and looked at it, and just sat there, appreciating my creation. Everyone, with the exception of my boyfriend, that has seen my Linkin Park carving thinks that it looks really cool.

I hope that it continues to heal nicely, and not get infected. I have yet to inform my parents about my carving. If they ask about it, I'll tell them the truth. That this was the cut to stop my self injury for good, and that I have not cut since I did the carving. I hope that my story helps you guys at Bmezine.com :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 July 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: me
Studio: Parents+bedroom+and+my+bedroom
Location: illinois

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