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Perfect Modification - Self Scarification

I first started looking at pictures of scarification when a friend asked me if Id had scarification done whilst referring to the ugly tracks made upon my arms. Unfortunately it wasn't a result of scarification that left my arms scarred. I'd heard about scarification but knew absolutely nothing about it. So I decided to investigate and find out more. It was a truly fascinating subject and I was captivated by it immediately. I liked the thought of being able to have beautiful scars, scars with meaning. Scars that were made with a lot of time and effort put into them. A scar that you wouldn't regret having for its ugly nature.

After many months of thinking about scarification I finally decided that I wanted to and could go through with it. I had originally decided to have it done by a professional not too far from here but after much thought chose to do it myself. People I had talked to about the scarification were worried about my decision in case of infection or in case something went wrong but I made this decision as I thought it was best for me. This way meant I could experiment with how deep I wanted the final design to be and for how long I actually wanted the final result to last.

For a long time I looked at many different designs, simple but effective as I felt anything over the top wouldn't look right. They say less is more and sometimes with modifications that can be the case. I looked at a wide range of designs from lettering and numbers to snowflakes and cobwebs. I wanted something special, something to suit me.

I eventually chose my design and had all my equipment ready to go ahead with the scarification. Using a marker they use to draw on the dots for piercings, I carefully drew my design onto my thigh exactly where I wanted it. I had to wipe it off a couple of times, as I wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect. After double-checking the design was how I wanted it, put on a pair of sterile rubber gloves and used a sterile razorblade to make the first cut.

After the first cut I had gathered how hard I was able to press on my skin, It bled quite a bit and most of my time was actually spent cleaning up the blood to allow for me to follow the rest of the design. My design consisted of four letters that made up a name very important to me. After the first letter I continued with the rest. Once fully completed I made sure all lines were complete and that any gaps were filled properly. A last cleaning with rubbing alcohol was made and I got the last little sting as the alcohol went into the cut. The bleeding had now stopped and I was very impressed with my design.

I felt no discomfort at all during the procedure and when I woke up this morning there was still no pain, discomfort or regret. Had a good look at my design in the mirror and after having looked at for nearly 15 minutes I decided I was very very pleased with the way it now looked. To make the design more permanent I prepared to repeat the scarification again. Using another new blade I recut all the lines pushing slightly deeper than I had the first time round. The bleeding was slightly heavier than the first time round but I found it was also thicker and stopped quicker then a quick cleaning with rubbing alcohol followed. Had a little bit of redness and sore spots around the design today but I think it may have been from irritation of clothing. Tonight it is still a little red but isn't in anyway sore.

I would recommend scarification to those who love beautiful scars with meaning but I wouldn't recommend self scarification to those who are unsure of what design you want or unsure how to carry out any of the procedure. Make sure you are 100% sure you know what you are doing before hand. Personally I knew how much my body could take and knew how deep I could go without causing too many problems. I am glad I spent so long choosing the design I wanted, as it had to be something special and that I wanted to be scarred into me.

It's a very personal way of modification and unlike tattoos it can last however long you want it too. However long you want it to last it can be a very beautiful thing. The design I chose was a name and it is beautiful name but its also beautiful because the love I have for the person behind the name is beautiful too. Good memories always make scars even more special.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 July 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: My+Home
Location: Londonish

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