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"I looked down and smell my burning flesh"

I woke up that day with bad feelings in my mind, I realized that I would work the grave yard shift at my work today. But this day would to become one of the better days of my life.

I woke up kind of early this day so I didn´t know what to do with all my free time before work, so I decided to visit my friend at his studio and just spent some time and talk, if he didn´t have any customers that is.

So I went there and we just sat there and talked when I realized that I brought my drawing of a pattern of a branding, that we had talked about for a while but never set a date. So we talked a little more and came to the conclusion that this will make perfect as a branding.

I have wanted to do a branding for bit of time now, just not for that its very nice but also for the feeling that someone is burning your flesh.

He told me that if I wanted to do it that very same day, because his next customer wouldn´t come for another 2 hours. So I grabbed my chance and said we should do it.

So we went to a Pizza place to prepare my body before we should begin.

When we got back my friend started up with fix the equipment, and boy was I nervous, I was kind happy at the same time so there was kind of mixed feelings flying around in my body.

After about 15 minutes we started of by drawing the pattern on my left upper leg. When we were both happy with how it looked, I layed down on the table and he started up the Cautery pen.

I was pretty nervous because I belived that it would hurt alot with a cautery pen and that strikes would be better because of the fast pain moment, but I got it all explained that the scars would be better with a cautery pen so agreed because I wanted thin scars.

My firs thought was why it didn´t hurt? But soon I started to feel the warm feeling in my leg and that my brain started to feel pain. It was beutiful. After a couple of minutes a started to feel the adrenalin and I started to laugh, a big big laughter. It was a wonderful intense feeling, I have never experienced a such great feeling before so this was something new. I knew in my past that I can get real kicks of scarification and tattooing, but nothing this strong as this one. So I just enyoed it. After a while I feelt that I need to look to see what is happening. It really hit me when I looked down and smell my burning flesh, Wouldn´t say that I liked it much, it was kind of cool to see my leg get burned but the smell wasn´t nice at all. smells like rotten bacon..( LOL )

Ok that there was some areas there were more sensitive then others but I was counting on that so I was prepared for it.

I´m happy that I was focused and concentrated on my breathtaking. If I haven´t maybe I wouldn´t been taking it so easy.

Must say afterwards that the timing really sucked, because my 10 hours in grave yard shift wasn´t funny at all, it was really painful beacuse of all the walking I do in my work. So it was a real relif when I got home and took a shower and got to sleep.

The following days was ok, but after a while it started to itch and people in my staff thought I was going crazy of all my itching in my pants. But they were kind of understanding when I explained what happend. little white lies never hurt I think, I work in health care fore older people and they have hard just accept me for how I am so I told them I burned myself when I was cooking dinner, but what they doesn´t know wont hurt them right?

The next couple of days were going great, just a little itching but not a major problem. It heals nice and I hope that the scars will stay as thin as they are. Because of the thight lines that we did, they will melt together if the scars get bigger then they are. I cross my fingers.

And now we have set a new date to continue with my leg and finish it. I really hope that my body and mind will work together as good as the last time. that is the key to succesfull branding or any bodmod for that matter.

This was my Branding and thanks for reading about it!

Mvh //Paindreamer


submitted by: Paindreamer
on: 16 July 2004
in Scarification

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Artist: iam+667
Studio: Body+Adornments
Location: Boras%2C+Sweden

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