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Me and scarification/cutting and ink rubbing.

First of all, my name is Sheena. I'm a punk rocker in New York. I enjoy drawing and the art of scarification. I hope to become a tattoo artist.

Well, it all started about a month ago. I was looking threw tattoo magazines with one of my friends. I saw this guy that had a scar in the shape of a circle. It had some kind of tribal picture in the middle.Then I started to think, " wow, you know I would like to do that!", but then I started thinking about what if I hit a vein or something?!I always think about that stuff, unless I'm on something.Even before then I thought about scarification.

A couple days latter, me and my friend were on the internet and we looked up scarification. We searched the net and found a couple good sits. There were a lot of people with scarification. A lot of the designs were really neat. Then I thought to my self " well, if they scar themselves that deep, then I might as well go a head and try it", because a lot of the people had some deep scars.This one guy had a scar that covered his whole stomach and was about a half or an inch deep. So I thought about it for a while.I figured I'd do it, but I'd wait a couple days.

Three days later, at the same friends house,we were looking at tattoo magazines again and also looking at some scarification pictures, when she showed me this metal cutting thing, that was small, and it had three or four heads to it, all made for cutting.One was like a razor blade, another was more rounded, and the last one was flat and had a sharp top, almost like a chisel. Then I figured I might as well try it. At the time I didn't give a fuck, because one of my best friends just moved back to Connecticut and it was a week after he moved and I just didn't give a fuck about any thing.I also remembered him performing scarification on him self. I remembered watching him do it and putting ink into his scars.

I thought about what I wanted to do. There was a lot I could think of that I would like to do. At first I was confused on what I wanted to do, but one particular thing kept crossing my mind. "Rancid", the name of my favorite band!!! I really wanted to do "Rancid". I decided that I was going to carve Rancid into my arm. I did it on my left shoulder, about medium sized, kind of small. I didn't do it really big, because it was my first time doing it and I didn't want to screw up.

The piece I used was the chisel type thing. I got it hot with a lighter and I burned/cut "Rancid"on my shoulder.The first touch was painful, but every mark I made after that burned for a second then went away.The pain reminded me of when you put your hand under hot water and the second you pull your hand out it doesn't really hurt any more.

When I was done I tried putting ink into it, but it didn't stay, but I can't say that it's all that crappy.The next day it started to blister, but it didn't hurt, so I kept it covered until I could figure out how I could keep it covered so my parents wouldn't see it.

I went to Hot Topic and bought this awesome black jacket and put all my patches on it, so that solved my problem. I tried to get the mark to go away, because I was going to re-do it better. At the time it looked really shitty to me.

But hay, it was my first time doing it so what can I say?! I plan on re-doing it,probably before I go to Warped Tour on August, 18 2004. You can't see the 'I" or the "C" that good.

I'm not ashamed of my scar, I actually like it and can honestly say I'd do it again. What can I say, I'm a punk rocker in a small town in new york with the fascination of scarification. I don't know what it is? I'm not a big pain freak, but I like cutting and scaring my self.I have done two other scars also, but they are small. No one really knows about me doing it, accept my two good friends.

I don't tell people about my "Rancid" scar because, it's not a matter of people getting freaked out by it, hell, I could care less about what people think! If you like it, fine, I'm stoked. If you don't like it,fuck off! That's exactly what I say to people that ask me. But, it's probably because this town is so small I don't want my parents finding out.

So, I guess that's my story. Thank you for reading it. Tell me if you like it! Punx 4 life!! , Sheena


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2004
in Scarification

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