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Self Done Branding

  First I would like to start off and say I am a normal teenager, most people call me a prep because I wear Abercrombie. I am not suicidal and I have never been. Every since I have seen fraternity brandings I have always wanted one. The way the skin raised up off the skin and was really noticeable. I do not know why but I think they are the coolest things in the world. Just to get the feel of branding I decided to do a three line one straight another diagonal and another one straight just to see if I would really be able to withstand the pain. I took the end of a hanger and bent it straight. I then proceeded to take a lighter and light the end of the hanger. I got it nice and hot but not hot enough obviously. I then would push the hanger into my skin and rub it hard on my skin to get the design I desired. This created more of a branding/cutting. It bled and bled but when It stopped I was thrilled. I was done with this branding and I thought I was going to be happy with t he results. I did this but it was not near deep enough or the end of the hanger was not near hot enough. It did scar but you can barley see it because it was not done deep enough or hot enough.

So I decided my 10th grade year I would perform another self done branding in the summer, but this time I was going to make sure it was deep enough. So summer came and I had planned on doing a star on my upper right arm. I looked and looked for metal stars the size I wanted to just heat up and place on my arm but I never found one. So I was about to give up then my friend grabbed one of my necklaces and gave me the idea of branding this oval shape design in my arm. I thought it would look really cool so I decided I would go ahead and do this design instead.

I started to heat it up and well lets say thank God I did not go through with that piece of metal b/c right as it was about to get red hot it started to melt. So then I really had doubts about doing this, because I was scared of gangreen and having to get my arm amputated. I finally got over that and I talked to someone over BME and found out how he performed his brand. He told me he lit some saftey pins over a fire and then placed them on his arm. So I decided to give it a go and I was going to go back with the star design I had first wanted. So I went to Wallmart and got some star stencils and some tape and some saftey pins. I then came home and took the stencil and taped it to my arm grabbed a candle and bent the safteypin straight.

I jacked up some Metallica and I was ready to burn. So I started and O SHIT the first touch of my skin hurt. My skin was burning and I did not really know if I was getting it deep enough or not, but after that It was much better. I kept on pushing it down and down. This went on for about 35 minutes. Finally I thought it was deep enough therefore stopping but I was still worried about it being deep enough because of the first brand that did not turn out.

I got a huge adrenaline rush out of this. The star was now finished. I let it heal for about 1 month and after that it was uneven. So I went back and had a girl actually do it for me, one of my best friends. Now it is even. The star is not completely healed but it is going through the scabbing stage right now. It hurts very bad now because I have been teaching swim lessons and I am in chlorine everyday therefore drying it out. I am still peeling off the scabs that grow up. I have read many methods and I am following the method of LITFA. (Leave it the fuck alone). All I have done is rubbed it with anti bacterial soap and picked off scabs.

So far I have picked off the scab 2 times. I am trying to pick off the other scab but it seems to be absolutely glued to my skin so I cannot get it off. The first attempt to the star actually got infected. This made me very scared especially from what my parents were telling me about getting infected. By the way my parents were not thrilled at all that I had done this to myself. They told me I was for sure getting gangreen and going to have my arm amputated and this scared the crap out of me. The infection finally went away after about 3 weeks and so they ended up not taking me to the doctor. I cant say I would recommend people going off and branding their arm by themselves. It makes lines uneven and shapes wrong. If you do get a brand I would say go to a tattoo parlor or at least have a friend you trust perform the brand so that the lines will be somewhat even.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 July 2003
in Scarification

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Artist: self+done
Studio: my+house
Location: south

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