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My fist strike branding.

My friend and I had decided we wanted to get branded quit a while ago. The next step was to locate a place that did it. I searched on-line and asked every tattoo and body piercer in the area. Nobody could do it, and nobody knew where to go. Some asked us if it was even legal. They all however, told us if we find one, that we should tell them!

By pure accident one day at Hot Topic we saw a lady working there that had a brand of a star on her lower arm, and I asked her where she had gotten it done. She told us of a place called Flesh Chamber that has just opened in the near by area. A week or so later we travel out to the area on a Friday, and told them that we wanted to be branded. Unfortunately he was busy that night and had to re-schedule for the next week.

I'm kind of glad we weren't able to get it done that Friday, because within that week I was able to truly decide what I wanted. Jumping into it, not being prepared would have been something I would have regretted. I decided on getting a brand that was on my lower arm, about three inches from my wrist. At a glance it would look like a capital E to every one else. But to me, it meant; 1 Life, 1 Family. If you take the number 1, the letter F, and the letter L and put them together, it looks like an E. I decided on getting this done since that I will do anything for my family, when ever they need help. The reason for the lower arm is because it's a place I see often, and it will always remind me of my loyalty and love for my family.

That Friday came around and I'm trying to get out of work early so that I can go. But it seems everything that could go wrong did (you know the kind of day I'm talking about). I finally got out and we all got together and made the hour + trip to Flesh Chamber. We got there a little early and talked with all the employees there. They were a very nice bunch of guys that joked around with us for the next half hour or so. First up was a friend getting her first tattoo. We went and watched the Tattoo being done. I think it got me mentally prepared for my branding, and then it was finally my turn. I decided on strike branding which I was told was more painful. I wanted to go all the way, and thought this would be the best route for me.

I was nervous as hell. My heart was pumping and I could feel the adrenalin pumping through my body. This was a totally new experience for me. Dave walked me through the strike branding process and asked if I had any questions or concerns. I did not have any until I saw another guy bring in a blow torch. At that moment I realized that this may be painful, and I'm finally getting it done. My pulse must have risen quit a bit at that sight.

By this time we had a few people in the room, they all wanted to see it being done. I believe it was his first one at the new location. I had no problem with this since my friend was photographing the process.

The body piercer guy (sorry, I forgot his name) lit the blow torch and heated up the metal until it was glowing. Then Dave slowly pressed it down on my skin and I'm embarrassed to say it, but I flinched. He asked If I was ok, and I told him I'd be fine. He repeated the process and this time I did not move. He started doing the other strikes one by one. Each one hurt a tiny bit, but it was like I wasn't feeling the pain. It almost seemed like I wasn't there, a new plain of conciseness. My heart was going and I was on a rush, I guess it was like a natural high. He finally finished up the four strikes and I was like, that's it? I wanted more, but it was all done.

I thought it was one of the coolest things I've had done. Everyone came around and looked at it. They even took a few photos of it. People commented on how cool it looked, and how bad the room had smelled. In my adrenalin rush, I never even smelled it.

Next was my friends turn, she got the cauterizing method done. Maybe she will post her story here some day.

After she was done, I went and got my neck pierced by the guy holding the blow torch. I told him the neck piercing hurt more than the brand did. I don't think he believed me. After that we left and went shopping. I was still on the adrenalin rush until later that night. Its hard to truly explain what it felt like, adrenalin rush is the best way to put it into words. It was a totally new experience for me and I loved it. I plan on going back again and again!

Over the next few days it started changing as Dave had said. It had grown to three to four times the actual size of the original strike branding by Monday. I didn't get an after care sheet since this was is first brand at the new location, and he couldn't find them. He did tell me to use peroxide on it since it would help it scar better. So once or twice a day, I would pour peroxide on it. It burned a little with this on, but it was nothing major. Slowly it started drying out and a scab formed over it. This scab kept growing and growing. The scab actually rose up quit a bit, and the skin around it dried up and flaked off. I was left with this high scab that actually was yellow on top. I'm not sure if this was normal or not, but it looked pretty cool too me. Others did agree with me on this. Through out this whole 2 weeks, it never hurt once (except for the peroxide), but that scab did itch. Dave told us not to pick off the scab because the scar may not form con sistently, but after two weeks, it got caught on my shirt. Half of it was ripped off, so I decided to pull the rest off. This is where I'm at now. No more scab, but a nice pink scar is starting to form.

Like I had said there was little pain. The only pain I really have had to deal with is explaining why I got it done to the people I work with. I guess they will never fully understand why I did it until they try it. Unfortunately they are not open minded enough to even consider it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 June 2003
in Scarification

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Flesh+Chamber
Location: Appleton%2C+WI

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