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Mark me , cut me, watch me bleed.

So I have been involved in what some would call the "Body Modification Community' for some time now. I have been looking into other paths in which I could add new and fun mods to my body.
Like most people I had been searching threw the pages of bme for a while and saw alot of people with amazing cuttings and scars on there body. So of course I looked further and read up on the subject and decided that It would be a nice thing to do for myself. I met Brian on bme and he was in CT as well so we talked and tried to figure out when I could come in and what we could do on me. After probably a month I told him ok I want to come in and see what your shop looks like and meet you in person to make sure this is exactly what I wanted to do.
Its about a 45 minute drive but I went and met him and the other guys at his shop and his girlfriend. When I got there he was actually doing a cut on a girls are so I got to witness a few moments at least of what it was like from another persons point of view. After a while I decided I would leave but I would totally come back soon and get cut myself.
I went home and started thinking what I would like to have done and where. I drew up a few things and thought about where to put it so that it wouldn't interfere with any future tattoos I might get. I opted to go with my back on the side now. what to get. I liked the idea of flames it seemed simple enough for him and it was a fun idea to go with for me. I think I actually showed him on the Internet via webcam what I wanted first then ended up going back to the shop and he fixed it up a bit for me.
I was scared to death when I went that day because I wasn't sure what this was going to feel like and healing it seemed awful but he assured me that it was ok and Id be fine. So my friend and I waited for a little while then he was ready for me.
I tried not to pay much attention to what tools he would be using so that it wouldn't freak me out but he explained to me what he would use and how.. I know I listened at the time but somehow I think my nerves made me forget everything he said.
He took his time marking it and getting a good position. My friend was my eyes and made sure it was a good spot, which it was. I got up and looked and saw the purple stencil mark that you would see if you were getting a tattoo. This made me feel a bit more at ease, for whatever reason I figured it would feel somewhat like a tattoo. Hah... After I sat back in the chair he turned up his music, asked if i was ready and started. A few shop locals came in and out making it very easy for me not to concentrate on what was happening to my back. I remembered reading that you should just breathe and relax and the procedure goes a lot smoother. After trying this I realized it was right. I just took very deep breathes and let him cut away.
It took me a while to realize that he was actually using a scalpel to do the cutting I turned my head to answer a question and saw the shinny metal, freaked out, and quickly turned back. Its a very new thing to have this done to you when you're use to just tattoos and piercings.
When my concentration was broken I could feel every little thing that he was doing. I think at the time I compared the pain to when you're getting pierced. There's a few seconds in the piercing process where it sucks and hurts and then its done.. Well, with the cutting it feels like that the entire time. You can feel when he slices in and when the flesh actually comes away from the body. Kind of creepy, in that cool fun kind of way I suppose.
So as it was explained to me he was cutting in at an angel on both sides to make a V .. then slicing down the middle to remove the flesh. Can you say ouchy? It hurt when he was removing it more than just slicing. I could feel where the points of the flames were and where the thicker lines were very much so.
Poor Brian thought I made him let me have breaks. No matter how tough I make myself out to be I must have taken a break after every slice. I was prepared for pain, but not that much all at once. After a good 3 hours or so he was done and I was sore but it was very worth it. He told me how to take care of it and I was pretty much on my way.
I made my friend drive because I knew I couldn't. I was bleeding threw the bandage and onto my clothes and putting on the seatbelt was hard enough let alone doing anything else productive.
So when I got home I looked at it for probably about an hour and felt where the skin had been removed threw the plastic wrap. For a good 5 days I kept it covered and moist and it was still very fresh. Stupid me got a rash from all that so I took everything off for about an hour and It scabbed up! I decided just to pick the scabs.. With a cutting picking the scabs can make it look "cooler" so I figured it was ok. I would sit in the tub at night to make the scabs break up and just pick the heck out of them other times. It took awhile for it to heal and the scabs to go away finally but it was well worth it.
Its been several months now and I have a very pretty raised pink flame scar on my back. Brian did a great job and hopefully someday Ill go back and have him do the other side.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Jan. 2003
in Scarification

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Artist: Brian
Studio: Turnpike+Tattoo
Location: Northern+Ct

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