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So, after all it's a ..... unplanned splotch?

So how should I start? Perhaps the usual, saying I've been interested in body mods for quite a while now, looking at BME and such. And like a lot of teenagers living in a small conservative town with normal conservative parents, I didn't plan to do anything until I went off to university, where craziness is accepted and expected.

The whole thing started in what has to be the least likely place for a mod ... the bottom of a drained pool. Our local pool goes through a yearly shut-down routine, where we drain the sucker out and wash it all out. The cleaner, however, isn't just any ordinary cleaner. What we use is hydrocholoric acid, somewhere in the 10 to 12 molar range. This mod, is, in actual truth an accident (I'll talk about that later). As I was mixing some acid, (we only use diluted stuff for safety), I, klutz that I am, knocked my safety equipment out of place (rubber gloves and a long sleeved shirt). So, on the inside of my right wrist, I smeared some stock acid and crap from the floor. Surprise surprise, it burnt! Fairly well actually. Really stung for the few seconds it took me to drop what I was doing and wipe it off. After washing with cold water, I found a dime, maybe quarter sized red mark on the inside of my wrist. And after a month, there persists this dime sized mark on my wrist. Amazin g given the fact the pair of pants I was wearing that day are a little bit the worse for wear. That is to say that everything from the knees down is riddled with holes and the synthetic fabric is warped and stiff. The socks I were wearing that day exploded under the pressure of my foot on a later date. Isn't skin amazing stuff? Anyways, I didn't really do anything to it to specifically make it stay around. No irritation, no salt water baths, nothing of that nature at all! It didn't hurt, it didn't puss, so I didn't poke it. Why bother? Don't poke my normal skin (at least under most circumstances) so why poke this skin? In any case, it just sat there. During class some times I'd poke at it, and it behaved like normal skin, just pink/red skin.

So my theory is that because of its position, it was constantly irritated by my continuous use of my hands (fancy that, using my hands!) So what justifies it as a mod then? Most accidents aren't really mods, are they? The scar from a fall or whatever isn't really a mod, is it? I think that what happened to me is, after all, a mod. I didn't feel this way at first, but the more I stared at a little scar on the inside of my wrist, the more I got to thinking. Whenever I read somebody's experience, it always strikes me that I can draw a lot of parallels between their experience and my klutzy mistake. Some people spontaneously choose to get a piercing (bad joo-joo, I know). My mod was very, very spontaneous and thoughtless. Some people get mods to remind them of an event. I had a great time that day, playing in the acid, and I've kept this mark on my arm from it. So in the end, despite its unplanned nature, if I'd wanted to scar myself, could I have chosen a better way? After the initial burn, there was no other complication, or aftercare or anything (lucky me!) Then the position - not so out of place to distract or turn off potential employers or family and friends. Also, not something I will rue another day - it may be here to stay (at least after 6 weeks I'm fairly sure), but it will never cause shame in me (I know, people are unashamed of much more extreme mods, but I'm a shy kid from a small town, remember?) Finally, it reminds me of an event, something I'd like to remember.

So how do these experiences typically end? Oh yeah, the disclaimer. Ahem: don't do what I did as it was totally unresearched, unplanned, and unregulated. And it hurts to top it off. Which is bad. Because pain means you're hurting something. I think that sums it up.

I'd say e-mail me if you have questions, but I don't really have anything else to say. So instead, I'd rather this sparked some interest in the nature of mods, and you discussed it with like minded people on a forum somewhere. Not because I want to stir the pot or anything like that, but because this is food for thought. And thinking is always a good thing (unless you live in the pages of 1984) So any of you who are doing chemical scarification don't look to me for answers ... I don't have any! It's all here. Whew (wipes sweat off brow) Didn't realize I had so much to say about a tiny spot on my arm.

Happy modding

Peace eh? :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Jan. 2003
in Scarification

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