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Ritual Scarification

Ok well, I am going to start this story with a bit of a flashback. I have always been fascinated by body mods since I was very young. Anyway the first time I ever tried scarification was when I was 10 or 11 years old. See I was deeply and madly in love with a boy who didn't really even know I existed, so one night I decided I was gonna prove my love for him. I set out with a heavy duty razor blade and some rubbing alcohol. I proceeded to cut the initials SC into my ankle (well below my sock line so my mother would not see it) I faithfully scrubbed it with alcohol and salt to promote the scarring. When it was looking all pretty and pink I went to school and promptly showed this to my love, who turned around and told me I was mad "are you crazy girl" he said. Needless to say he went off to tell everyone I wan insane and my life spiraled down from there I was always known as the weird girl.

I did this for someone else and got burned; I vowed never to do anything to impress anyone but myself ever again. Oh believe me I was not all good in this, I did slip up a few times I have a few tattoos I would like to cover up as they again were for someone else who no longer exists in my world, But I will forever remember them by that tattoo until soon when I have it covered up. But it is easy to get rid of tattoos and piercings for that matter but scars are definitely there for life. You can't have it removed or covered up you just have to live with that decision.

Now when I turned 16 I found my self facing a fork in my life long journey, one road led to enlightenment. The other road led to pain, suffering, and certain death. I started out with the later of the two I attempted to join an organization of hatred. I went into a local alternative store to find some info on this organization only to be told by the guy behind the counter "here is what you want but take a look at this book too you may find what you seek in here" I shrugged him off and took my info home.

Well I was really bored that night and decided to read this book, I had found what I was looking for everything in this book was what I believed and more. I was so happy. I decided to join this organization instead. In order to receive more info and become a so called "member" you needed to do this ritual once a month for 23 months and send it to them when you were done. Well part of the ritual calls for a drop of blood; I decided to use this as chance for meaningful scarification.

Every month I did the ritual as told and to get the needed blood I made one cut on my arm for each month. I used a razor blade again and the same alcohol salt rub that worked well before, the last cut to be made I made on my hand on the top in-between my thumb and finger, I cut the shape of the symbol of the group I was so interested in and rubbed ashes into it. I now have a band of cuts on my arm about six inches above my wrist and the scar tattoo on my hand. I love them even though the scars are faded; although the cuts were deep this was so many years ago. But here's the greatest part about it I did it for me because I wanted enlightenment because I wanted to find myself, and I did just that. I learned that you should do your mods for you and not because you know no one has it, and you think it is original. That's a great thing but do it because it means something to you, and not because your friends will think it's cool or you will be the only one in your town that has t hat. You will be happier longer. I am not trying to say don't do it by all means mod away I think one day we will be the norm and preppy people will be considered weird but that day is definitely so far away. Here's my thing I always think about my mod choices carefully weigh the risks and think to myself what will I think of this when I am 80 years old and it is all wrinkly or saggy, will I still think I have done this for good reasons and still be happy. (Most of the time I answer yes)

But I have to stress this please don't try this at home have a professional do it for you always. I could have seriously hurt myself or gotten a really bad infection. So be safe and think before you mod.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Jan. 2003
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
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Location: Florida

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