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Cutting on VERY Sensitive Skin.

I really don't know if there was a specific reason I did it. My husband is a little on the extreme side of modification and I thought, hell I want to try it, too. We both went to have his tongue split by a person by the name of Michael in NYC, of whom is also really into modification (I believe this IAM is BlackDeath). Well, anyhow his girlfriend had beautifully healed scars by Lucas and after some questions I decided I was finally going to go through with it.

I first met Lucas at a dinner with a few friends before the tattoo convention and told him about what I wanted.. he agreed to do it. After the NYC tattoo convention and going to his party and seeing the actual procedure done on stage I made my appointment with him. At the party there was a camera crew with him doing a documentary on the body mod culture. I agreed to have them tape me before, after, and during the cutting.

When the day came I wasn't too nervous. The cutting was going to be done at a shop called IMMORTAL INK in NYC. On hand there were about 9 people there to view it. Unlike most people I feel better when there are people around me. It helps me think of something else rather than being alone and having to empty my mind totally. I like to focus on the other people. I took in a rough sketch of what I wanted and told him he could modify anything he wanted as long as it was within the original idea. He drew it directly on my chest and was perfect. Still at this point I was not nervous. The nerves hadn't yet settled in until he asked if I was ready to go and I got my first look at the scalpel. I asked to settle my breathing for a minute then agreed to proceed. When I felt the first cut I relaxed a bit. It was an intense feeling but I felt like this is the first step to the ending. The actual feeling of the cut is a little hard to describe.. just as it is when someone asks how a t attoo feels. There was pain (I got it in a highly sensitive area in the middle of my chest) but the pain was tolerable.. yet more intense than that of a tattoo. It's not the pain that gets to you. It's the mental picture and feel of your skin being cut, the idea of it being spread apart. There are a total of three cuts deep. I was getting a horseshoe design with 13 small dots on the inside on the lines just to give you a mental picture. The two major lines lines in one sweep and he went back and cut them two more times deep in little strokes. Lucas wasn't sure how to get the dots to show. They were last and he sort of stabbed and cut in a little circle. This was the worst of it all. The higher he got on my chest (toward my neck) the more intense of a feeling. After everything was done I was very excited and relieved, to my surprise I was shaking.. but a good shake. I would describe the euphoria better than your first orgasm without the sleepy feeling. Each long breath afte r was like a drug. I was very thirsty and needed to sit down. Lucas wa s very comforting at this point.

My healing took about two-four weeks. Four weeks to totally heal into a beautifully raised scar. The only complication I had from it all was the healing. I have highly sensitive skin and you have to keep plastic wrap all around the area to cover it until the healing is done. From the moisture I got a nasty rash all around the scar for the duration of the time I had to keep it on, very itchy! I stopped using the wrap about 3 days earlier than told to. Nothing big.. it looked nasty but did nothing to the scar. People that saw me noticed the rash before anything else. Almost two weeks had passed and It didn't seem like my scar was raising.. when in the shower I used a natural sponge (one hard mutherfucker) and scrubbed as hard as I could along the lines. The result.. a perfectly healing scar. I spoke to a friend that had the same scarification work done by Lucas around the same time as I did and his scar wasn't rising either, but like mine.. it did eventually come up. The lit tle bastard seems to know when you get worried about it and at the last minute it pops up and makes your day. I am very happy with the result. Lucas is a very nice, professional person, and makes you totally comfortable. If you are looking to do this I would highly recommend him. Couple more notes... You get more of a scar on fatty skin. Who ever though all that fat us girls bitch about would do us any good? If you are still worried about anything and wanna wait a little more info or insight.. Lucas' documentary is going to be running in November '02(that's what they told me but you never know) and you can see my procedure being done. Good Luck.. Aimee Sue


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Lucas+Zpira
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Location: NYC

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