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Lukas Zpira scars again

I had been introduced to the scarification god at least this is how I personally classify him Lukas Zpira a few months ago when Blackdeath had met up with him to do his tongue split. I decided not to let such a rare opportunity slip through my fingers, and received a beautiful scarification from Lukas on the same day. This experience is not about that procedure, but the results turned out so beautifully that when I heard he would be back in NY I couldn't resist the temptation. I would be scarred again by the crazy frenchman. (An affectionate term of course)

Until I met Lukas, all of my work had been previously done by Blackdeath. But after seeing Lukas' work on BME I trusted him to take a scalpel to my skin, and the results couldn't have satisfied me more. Knowing that I wanted another scarification by Lukas was not a hard choice, but deciding on exactly what I wanted on my body was more difficult.

I wanted a design that wasn't too intricate or detailed, something to match the bold, thick lines of scars I have acquired so far. However, I also wanted something that symbolized something important to me. I decided on a simplistic Rammstein logo, an outlined cross in the shape of the + sign and an overlapping R. The design ended up being simple, but at the same time very bold. It's a bit difficult to describe, but the pictures are on my BME page. I chose this because their music makes me feel so many intense emotions, I can immerse myself completely in the music. I decided to place it on my lower back, purely for aesthetic reasons. Anyway, now that I had the design and the placement, I was ready for Lukas.

Blackdeath had made an appointment to get his conches dermal punched at 0g, and I asked Lukas if he would mind doing my scarification as well. He agreed after I finally worked up the courage to message him, and we made our way into NYC. We stopped at a bagel shop before to get some food; getting work done on an empty stomach has never proven to be a good idea. Then we headed over to Sacred, where Lukas was doing work during his stay in NY.

We met up, and I got to meet his adorable daughter for a few minutes before we began. While she doesn't speak any English it was great to have her around. She is completely fascinated by modifications at such a young age, and it was really wonderful to see her carefree, completely accepting attitude towards them. I was to get my work done first, so I tried to place all my nervousness aside and get ready. We chatted for a few minutes, showing Lukas the healed versions of the work he had performed last time we met up with him. Everything was cleaned, equipment previously autoclaved, and Lukas himself was extremely comforting and wonderful. Now the worst part in the whole process was about to take place: the marking. For some absurd reason I get lightheaded while getting prepped and marked for any procedure. My skin was cleaned, and after most of the design was drawn I, of course, needed to sit down for a minute. After that, he finished the final touches as I lay on the table.

The scarification did not take long at all, approximately fifteen minutes total. The pain was moderately intense, but Lukas is such a master of the blade it was over in no time. Apparently I cannot handle a surgical marker very well on my skin, but a scalpel is more bearable. I checked out the result in a mirror and it had turned out wonderfully. His adorable little assistant 'nurse' bandaged me up, wearing cute latex gloves that were three sizes too huge for her tiny hands.

It has been about four days since I have gotten the scarification done, and the results still make me smile. The inside lines are a little bit shallow, and may not scar as well as the rest, but that can be easily fixed in the future with a simple touch-up. I have been irritating it with hydrogen peroxide and scrubbing it with a nailbrush in the shower. Scabs haven't started to form yet so I can't quite 'pick' at it yet. Hopefully this one will keloid up as nicely as my last ones by Lukas. I haven't really noticed the scar too much in my daily activities. When I bend too much or stretch too far I can feel the skin pulling, but it is not painful, just a bit sore. Bleeding has also not been a problem at all so far. It was an incredibly experience and I could not possibly recommend Lukas Zpira for all your scarification needs enough. :)


submitted by: PiercedPuff
on: 31 July 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Lukas+Zpira
Studio: guest+appearance+at+Sacred
Location: NYC

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