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Branding: Painful, or Erotic?

Branding: Painful, or Erotic?

Well, it all started when I say the movie 'Strangeland' about a year ago. The serial killer 'Captian Howdy' had some branded chevrons, on his one upper arm. Since then I have been doing research on BMEzine.com, and in Extreme Body Mod Magazine. The fact that id have something similar to a scar interested me. I've always thought random cutting when people are sad, or hurt, looked wicked; when most people though it was wrong, I did it for fun.

First I realized that there is no one in my area that did branding. So I asked around a bit to see if anyone knew someone close that did branding. I found out I lived close to Blair, who is probley the best extreme piercer/modifier in Canada. Well the fact is, I hate the hour bus ride to Toronto then back just for something that is not going to take longer then 30 minutes, so I kept putting it off. About May 2002, I got a summer job at a steel mill. While I was talking to this guy about tattoos and piercings, we got talking about branding. Then I said id love to try that, Well the tattoo shop in my town that he goes to, I found out did branding. So after a long search, I found out the brander is closer then I thought.

So I told him I was going to go next week, and he said he'd go get branded also. I though that was cool, even that hes doing it more for the "you did it, so can I" type whim. So we were all ready to go Thursday, after work. But Lindsay called from work, to book an appointment last min. Well he said he can't do it today, only on days the guy who owned the shop don't work; Cause of the smell. So Lindsay booked an appointment for the following Tuesday at 6pm. Well I was all nervous and excited about getting it. Excited for the look, nervous for the pain. I got on the bus, and as I drew closer and closer my nervousness, got worse and worse. About 45 minutes later, I walked into the shop, told the guy I was here for branding. Well you wouldn't belive what happened. He said he tried calling me and the brander called in sick! I was disappointed but I still rebooked the appointment for the next day same time. Same shit over again, nervousness, and excited. Well the next day came, I woke up and got ready, and headed down. I got into the shop and there was Lindsay, I asked him if she canceled again hes like no shes getting ready. So I talked to Sarah(the brander) from sinkin' ink tattoos in hamilton, about my design, she photocopied it and played around with the size of it, till we got it right. I headed back into the room, and they shaved the back of my neck (what a waste of time, I'm not hairy the least bit.) After that she placed the drawing, and it was crooked so she tried again still the same thing. She got the Tattooist to place the drawing well he realized that the carbon copy itself was not right, so he redrew it up while I waited some more. He came back and placed it, and it was still crooked. By this time I was getting nervous, because it wasn't working and I thought they were going to say can you pick a different spot to get it done. Well after the next try it was perfect, Sarah got me to sit facing the wall. She lit the torch, and heated up the tool. I was anticipating the first strike. She touched my skin wit h the heated metal, and dragged a bit, well I thought the pain was going to be un bearably despite what people told me about it being erotic. The first Strike didn't hurt, it was quick and painless. She kept doing More Strikes all lasting about 3 seconds then re heat the tool. After she did the outline once, she had to go over it again, this time the strikes were longer, like 6 second strikes. After about 20 minutes, she put alcohol on it, and bandaged me up, and it cost me $50, but I tipped her $10.

As for the pain aspect of it, sometimes it felt wicked, sometimes it hurt a little, other times I didn't feel it. To compare this pain to tattoos, id say tattoos hurt more (Ha and tattoos don't hurt). If you love pain, you'll love branding.

Right now the next day after getting it done, all I feel is sting, and I so can't wait to pick the scabs, like I was told to do!

Dark Desires,



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Sinkin%27+Ink+Tattoos
Location: Hamilton%2C+Ontario

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