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Human Vessel Cutting

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is (Reverend) John Fränz, I am a fledgling (starving) artist, who is just beginning to explore the use of the human body, itself, as a vessel for artistic expression. I know that normally these submissions are from the vantage point of the person being modified, but I am striving to further bring into awareness the point of view of modification as a form of serious artistic expression, not for the person who parades it around, but rather for the artist who's creation it is. Anyone can wear a mod, many people forget that there is an artist behind every one of those. And many talented artists there are... 

Next, I would like to state, that I am not a "Professional Body Modification Expert", and as such, I (and BME) definitely do not avocate that you try and copy anything I do, there are very definite dangers, both in infection and blood exposure. While I tried to take precautions, I will readily admit that I did not do enough. If you want anything like this done, please consult a local, sterile, professional shop. Do Not Try This At Home. That said, I would also like point out that, from my own experiences, just because someone makes money and rents some office space does NOT mean that they know what they are doing, make sure YOU know what they are doing as well, that is why there are great sites like this one, to keep you informed. 

This is the tale of my first "full-sized" textured skin cutting. First of all was the concept, inspired by, if you must know, a woman I was seeing at the time and a conversation we had about the misuse of woman as a sex object. At that point my major task was to convince her that a permanent modification to her body would not detract from her "immense" beauty.  

That taken care of, I got together all of my tools; a scalpel which I hadn't intended to use, a few larger gauge needles that had previously had the ends files off and sharpened, stainless steel razorblades for the old fashioned "clamshell" type, some rubber gloves, some iodine tincture disinfectant wipes I stole from the hospital, and my friends "Autoclave"  which is actually a high quality pressure cooker with a few customizations, I know there are a few people who insist that this is not a suitable replacement for an autoclave, but research has proven that when done properly it is just as effective. (see "http://www.uerm.edu/research/research2.html.")  

I then went over to her house and asked her if she would be ok with the pain, or if she needed something, she said she would prefer to go about it straight headed, so we proceeded.  

I first put everything but the rubber gloves in the autoclave, wiped her skin on her thigh with the iodine wipes, washed my hands well, and put on the gloves. I like to freeblade most of my cuttings, so I just marked a few critical points for proportion, pulled out the razor-blades and outlined the outside of the cutting, pausing periodically to sop up the small amount blood with a warm towel. I tried to make all the long lines in a single, uniform stroke, but occasionally I lifted to complete difficult curves. I paid great attention to the depth of the cuts as that makes a huge difference in the final scars, that being the most common error I see in low quality cuttings. as the lines weren't very thick, I opted to run another line next to those, angled in, to form a lopsided "V." that should coax the scar to grow more in one direction that the other. After outlining, I rinsed away some of the clotting blood with bottled, distilled water, and started filling in the details  at varying depths, with frequent use of the towels, to keep the area clear and watch all of my lines. for texture I filled in several spaces with shallow, closely spaced, parallel lines. Others I cut with short, shallow, jagged lines crossing one another. Still other areas are filled with deeper lines cut in the form of a "V," two angled lines cut parallel to each other and meeting in the center. That is were the real fat scars will form. There were lots of short lines and lots of corners, very difficult to match everything up, Also I had to pay attention to the fact that when the lines heal they will be a bit fatter, so I have to leave room for all of them. 

About done, I used the needles to put a row of circles around the edge, each needle was marked to about 2 mm to ensure a solid depth. I then pushed the skin down and used the scalpel to cut out he skin from those circles. That was the only part that really bled pulling out those little plugs of skin. 

All that was left was cleanup, I washed everything then wrapped loosely with gauze. Finito. She was very happy to have it over with, she said it hurt like a bitch, (and she's no wuss) though she didn't say anything while I was doing it, or I would have tried to go a bit faster.  

I didn't see her for a couple days after that, though I left her with plenty of gauze and care instructions. She was to change the bandage twice a day for three days, and take a warm bath in Epsom salts, making sure to clean the cuts well. I also told her not to put lotion or Neosporin on it unless absolutely necessary, as it tends to reduce the appearance of scars, just as the commercials say.  The next day I guess she got a real good look at it and she called me, saying "That's the strangest looking Superman logo/ biometric semen I have ever seen"  in all fairness that's what it is, though she didn't sound nearly as enthusiastic as I had hoped, though she did say she was very happy with it, though she also said it might look better if it wasn't on HER thigh....   

I tried to get her to write a companion to this experience, but she said she was just to busy. 

-- well you win some you lose some. Overall it looks very nice, and it healed to a very nice mix of textures. Not bad at all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2002
in Scarification

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