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It had been a long night at a rocking fetish club, the sun was coming up and a handful of the party faithful, myself included,were winding down in the lounge when the talk turned to branding. My ears went up immediately because I had been sliding the idea of a brand around in my mind for many years, but hadn't up until that point met anyone who had any experience of it. Same old story, every 8yo kid has a pierced navel these days, and it's becoming almost impossible to find anyone without a tattoo or 6 where I come from! But deviate from the deviant norm and you're in no man's land! I had brought up the topic of branding with various friends in the past, and almost always had to deal with the 'eeeww GROSS!' response...odd for such a bunch of freaks, really.

Apparently, one chap there had become interested in applying brands, and had his gas etc and preferred implements on site, as one of the performers of the evening had planned to be branded as part of the evening's entertainment.

(Faced with the reality of flame and such, the hard man ran for the hills! But at dawn the woman looks at the flame and thinks 'yeeeeees')

When I was 20 I had a truly horrible experience that involved losing a baby, along with half of my reproductive system, and acquired a scar across the top of my pubic line from the surgery.

Since then for various reasons, I have said goodbye to another few baby spirits, and I knew at some point I would commemorate the passing of those people with some sort of body expression.

My largest tattoo (28hrs) is all about my living children.

It took no time at all to convince the operator that I was into it...after ascertaining he wasn't pissed or on hallucinogens!!

I decided on a design that would be formed ultimately by about 40 strikes, comprising a base line and 5 lines radiating from it.The weapon of choice was to be a gal. nail head, about a centimeter in diameter and the design to be constructed in dots.

Surrounded and held supportively by a crew of sexy men, post fetish night was a bonus!

One point I found particularly interesting was the reactions of the guys...strangely tuned in with my symbology, the video records a scene so strongly reminiscent of a birth...with every strike, the voices coo encouragement and express such awe at the experience. I don't think I could explain to my mother how beautiful and relaxed and safe I felt within the situation! ha!

The first burn kicked like a mule, but gave me the measure of the pain and all of the subsequent hits were 'a walk in the park' according to my voice on the video.

The sound was interesting, a sizzle for a moment. I didn't register the smell too much.

Now, at this point I want readers to pay attention and learn from my mistake...

Very high from the experience, I failed to attend immediately to the vital issue of caring for the wound. Burnt skin is highly prone to infection; much more so than a puncture wound or such. I pranced about and didn't attend to the wound for a day, by which point it had turned viciously septic and more painful than I could have imagined.

In it's way, though, the experience of acute pain in that spot, coupled with the symbology of the brand drew my emotional self right back to that painful time all those years ago, and served as the most amazing and unexpected catharsis for me. I have healed in more ways than one over the past month; I suppose demonstrating the significance of ritual (as I consider my choice to be) as a deeply spiritual expression, far beyond being merely 'shock value'.

Because of the infection, I have treated my burn with utmost consideration (The 9 stitches I could have saved...!) and have refrained from harrassing the wound too much as so many people recommend for vivid scar formation. Instead, a tincture of St John's Wort (for healing) and Golden Seal (to guard against further infection) has seen the formation of beautiful even pink scars )not too mention providing a delicious fizz of pain somewhat less than neat iodine (don't do THAT!!) but a lot more than salt water...

The final stronghold of pain in the design is that part of the brand applied directly over the original (surgery) scar. Maybe pre-scarred tissue is not as resilient or regenerative as non-scarred tissue?

Also the original scar is actually just below the pubic line, and so that part of the burn is healing around hair..I wonder if that makes a difference?

I think the hardest part of the whole experience was fielding the doctor's horrified questions when I went to see her!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 May 2002
in Scarification

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