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even a beginner can be a professional

I think the most meaningful work I've ever had the privilege to receive would be my cutting.

 I've been cut before, but I've always wanted to get cut professionally, instead of doing it by myself. But I knew there wasn't any one in Atlanta that would do it. I was talking to brain about it, and asked him if he would do it thinking he wouldn't but he actually said he would but he wanted to read up about it more first. I wouldn't have asked just any body piercer to do scarification work on me, but since Brian's done work on me before, I felt comfortable with the idea of letting him do it. He told me we would have to do it on a Sunday when the shop closed early, so there wouldn't be any distractions (like people who wanted to get pierced coming every 10 minutes). That was the first time I talked to him about it. around Christmas time, I was at a book store, and I saw an old used issue of body play, and it had an article about cutting,  and bunch of other stuff, and since I like giving more personal things as tips instead of just money I bought it for him. A few days  later after talking about it some more, we set a day to do the cutting, Jan 06. I was so excited I couldn't wait. In the mean time we had to get supplies and a design. Originally I was going to order some disposable scalpels off bme, but a guy that we knew got us some autoclavable surgical scalpels with a detachable handle. I had already had a design picked out, but it was little bit too complex for him since it was his first time, so we had to settle for a different one, that I actually like allot more than the first one we had picked.

But when Jan 05 rolled by he told me he had bad news that he couldn't do it the next day because he had to attend a piercer meeting. :( So we had to postpone...a whole week! That Saturday night, I was out all night long and didn't get home until around 3'oclock. When I woke up Sunday morning it was 2:30 and I was so tired I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it. I called him and asked him if there was any way we could do it at my house, but of course there wasn't. I said ok and that I would be there soon. I didn't leave my house until 6:30 and I called Brian and told him not to worry and that I was on my way. when I got there we talked for a bit, he asked me if I had eaten yet, which I forgot to do before I left, so I went next-door and got something to eat, but I wasn't even that hungry. While I was eating he was drawing the design on some of that carbon (?) transfer paper. The shop had been closed and the only people left were me, Brian and two other people that worked there. At first I was little iffy about them being there since I was going to be half naked but I got over it. After I ate he pressed the transfer on my side and took a picture of it. Then I went into his station and lay on his dentist chair. I feel bad now because I was being so difficult about having my shirt off and I was trying to cover myself with my jacket. The other two people came in and we were ready to begin (8:30).

When he made that first cut I was really relived because it didn't hurt too bad, actually didn't hurt at all but felt different. There were times when he did long cuts that hurt a little bit, but after awhile, I just didn't care. I was in my own little world. Time went by so fast, but then so slow. When he finished, he wiped it with alcohol, yep that burned, and we decided to go over the design twice so it'd be deeper and scar better. We took a 10 min break took some pictures and went back to the cutting. He rubbed some anesthetics on this time and that burned a lot more than the alcohol did. When he started cutting I actually asked him if he was going to start or not here. There were places I could feel him cutting and I'd jump. Everything was going great until around the end when the anesthetics wore off and it got really intense, I think mainly because I knew we were almost finished.

When it was over, I was so happy. It was a really pretty shade of red, a shade I'd never seen before, it looked like it was sort of lit up. He took some more pictures and bandaged me up. I was beat. Wow I was so tired after that. I got off the table, and carefully put my shirt back on. The time was now 11:00. He cleaned his station up and we were all ready to go home. I gave a round of hugs and one of the guys gave me a ride home. On the way, Brian called and asked me to go with him to Douglasville so he could show me off to the piercer at shop 3, who ended up being Chris Steele, who formed Rites of Passage in South Carolina. Wow I felt really privileged, he he I felt like a dork. When I got home, I took the bandage off to take a shower, but that didn't go as planned. After I got the bandage off and stepped into the shower I almost screamed it was so painful I didn't even get that much water on it. I quickly got out and rebandaged it. I tried to go to sleep but it was so har d. I only got about 3 hours of sleep that night.

The next morning I went to the shop around 12:30 and I Brian and his girlfriend went to shop 3. I talked to Chris about his hand implant and about brandings and stuff. Brian took some more pictures of the cutting and even got some tygon from Chris.

It's been about 2 months now and its finished healing. It's raised nicely although there are a few "blank" spots here and there that'll we'll have to go over again. For after care and scarring I found my best method was apricot facial scrub with some toothpaste. The first 2 weeks were hellish with the scabs forming and cracking and it took a lot out of me physically, but what I got mentally from that experience made it all worth while. And when I get the chance I will do it all over again (which I will when we match up my other side ;)

And even though I was his first scarification piece, he was VERY professional. The best have to start somewhere, I might as well let it start with me:D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2002
in Scarification

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Artist: Brian+Bennett
Studio: Psycho+Tat-2
Location: beautiful+downtown+sandy+springs

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