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scar curious

Body Modification is a whole facet of life that has intrigued me for years. My brothers both have tattoos and piercings and many friends do as well. I'm one of those kids that never did much in school and nobody really remembers. I'm kind of a recluse and enjoy freakin out the preppies that live around me. While I'm not really the strangest lookin guy, I have one of those auras people don't like I guess. I'm into heavy metal and just go around wearin t-shirts that people don't like or whatever. Bod-Mod seems like the one part of me that's just missin. I'm not a hard-livin, bar-fightin biker, but I'd like to decorate my body like one sometimes. But leather jackets can come off, I want something that is fitting and so fourth. Tattoos, well little black $50-$100 ones, seems really overdone nowadays. I looked into other forms of bod-mod and was really intrigued by scarification. If you're like me, you love showing off scars and saying what happened, how much it hurt, or whatever. I have a friend who likes to wound himself, which has no real purpose or anything, but he likes it. Scarification, especially if sober and self-inflicted, takes a certain amount of balls. I decided this was the route I should take and would. Lacking money to pay someone to do it and the fact their was no one in a 100 mile radius that I knew preformed it, I had to do it myself. I looked into methods and although a lot of them required talented professionals, I decided what the hell. I'd had India Ink and stuff, but really didn't have ideas. These sorta permanant things are always a big battle for my brain. One side says, "are you gonna want that one yer old wrinkled flesh when yer 80?" Then the other side says, "C'mon you'll look like one of those crazy war veterans" or something like that. Then it becomes a matter of what to get, which has been the kicker for a few years. I'm not fanatical about anything that can really be shown off in bod-mod form, so I'm kinda stuck. I don't care much for tribals or band tattoos, even though they can look really cool. It's gonna be either a heat of the moment kinda thing or something I will totally want. After a tough few months in school, I was really interested in scarification. Being in the asshole of America, I could find no bod-mod places that did in the area, so I had to do-it-myself. I'd never gotten a tattoo cause I think they should be more sacred and no image really did it for me. Anyways, I was pretty bored and stuff in my room one night and found a sharp knife. I was still unsure of what to do, so I made an incision on my elbow/lower forearm, which stung bad, but oh well. I tried a few more cuts and they bled up pretty good, but after a few months healed up a lil' too well. Then I met someone who was in the same boat as me - interested, but too poor and uninspired. We got our ears pierced as I'd wanted to, but never had that kick in the ass you sometimes need. They're still healin actually and I think I'm gonna go to 4 gage once they have. Anyways, that person was what I needed. They were more driven than I and were critical if I suggested something stupid. Though we have somewhat different ideas about bod-mod, piercing vs. scarring, we both are interested in it. After a few months my urges to retry got the best of me and I made a 1/2 inch slash. It was through a full layer (unlike before) and has scarred up quite well. Though the intial design didn't work out quite right, I did get the short line to look decent. Now I'm even more interested in scarification and possibly branding. If anyone knows Glen Benton of Deicide, that upside down cross burned in his forehead really turned mine. I'd like to learn more about do-it-yourself scarring, which will motivated the uninspired metalhead inside me to rear his ugly head. BMEzine was recommended to me by a friend (the one forementioned), so I thought I'd check it out. It's one of the best bod-mod sites I've found and hopefully I can find some encouragement and ideas here. Though my personal experiences are limited I'm looking to expand them and maybe make a few friends along the way. So hopefully getting somewhat involved in the scene will give someone like me the encouragement to hack up their flesh and so fourth.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Sept. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: myself
Studio: my+room
Location: Portland

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