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fish,oops, better fish

Lets see. I am a girl in a town where body mods other than tattoos go largely unnoticed and that's good (note the surplus of psychologists in this town, ratio: 1/5 people). it just so happens one day I get bored and wandered around some sites and I found this site, yes bme, around a year or so ago and I often came back and read many of the articles about scarification when I got the chance (teachers don't like the site. pooh pooh on them). One day, being the smart person I am, I said to myself "hey I can do that," so I made plans to. not really being the artistic person I came up with a simple design of a tropical angel fish type thing. I gave myself a few days to think over what I was going to do, and knowing that not all scars, even the deep ones could be seen that well after a  few years but are still there mind you. I could just not try and make them as noticeable again (my logic), though I doubt I will ever hate it. while sitting and watching TV and getting bored since there was nothing good on it occurred to me that it was the opportune time since every one was asleep. so I went and got my x-acto and tried that first, but I found it to much arm pressure to even go through the top layer (yes I am a chicken at these sorts of things), and I gave up for the night. the next day I was wandering around the house and came upon an old razor (slightly rusty). being the smart person I am, I reasoned that for the fact of the mater I got a tetanus shot, and I might as well put it to good use.. so cleaning off the razor with peroxide to "sterilize" the razor, I drew the shape where I wanted it (the inside of my right ankle), and started with the mouth to  make sure I  could do curves (which I am actually good at). Getting the minimum amount of blood on my chair I decided I was done. I wanted to make sure it would stay a little more seen and  not fade like the rest, so I used some red wine vinegar, rubbed it in good. WOW. that does smart more than the actual cutting. Days went by, I picked the scab and rubbed the red wine vinegar in it about every day for a few weeks, even went swimming (cue tampax commercial) which I don't think helped, but it healed pretty fast. so now about two or three months later, I have a nice fish, but with one big tail | . I stared at it and stared at it, but for the life of me i couldn't figure out what was wrong. thinking that maybe I should look at a real fish I took a field trip to the fish store. and there it was, they don't have solid tails they have an upper part and a lower part. buying some little guppies for my Oscar I returned home to figure out how to fix it. spending a couple of days I thought, why not extend the tail to correct it? I drew it first to make sure it would look right and it did, but I had some of the other lines that looked out of place. eating dinner and watching tigers on the boob tube (TV), discovery channel, TIGERS, STRIPES, aha! So when I got the time I decided to go out back and lay in my hammock to do this part, brought my razor and peroxide. I drew where I wanted the stripes to be which included the lines that were there from the mistake I had made. after repeating the red wine and vinegar method, it looks as though I had never messed up at all. an added bonus was that I had placed it so it has one of my strange protruding ankle bones as a gill, it breaths when I move my foot up and down and wiggles its little fins.gosh, its the best pet I ever had now that I think about it... In the future I hope to try getting myself a tattoo to enhance my fishy.. hmm.. I wonder if I could do that myself.. actually, I think I will leave that one to the experts, besides, I'm still not sure where to get the ink to do it. I really don't think I could have let a professional do it and have it turn out better (well maybe). would a professional have really caught the mistake to? no clue. but I am glad I did it myself. it looks good on ya =)


submitted by: MythicMMM
on: 10 Aug. 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+room+and+the+hammock
Location: the+rurals+of+vermont+where+the+rabid+dogs+run+loose

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