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Professionally done cutting

Due to the lack of professionally done scarification experiences i thought i'd write mine for people looking for information regarding the process. I had been interested in getting a cutting for sometime. After I saw some of Ryan's work i decided i definetly wanted to do it. Ryan is the owner, piercer, and scarification artist at Precision Body Arts. Ryan does very beautiful scarification using scapels, and he knows how to make thicker line, or very thin lines for fine details. I was at the shop talking to Ryan about scarification and decided I wanted a piece on the side of my calf. Ryan and I talked about the design i wanted and together drew up something that i liked and was feasible. I arranged for an appointment with Ryan for a few days later. I came in a little nervous about what it was acutally going to feel like. I had made sure to eat breakfast that day. Ryan's shop is the cleanest and most comfortable i have ever been in and i was really confident with his abilities. Ryan started by cleaning the area. He then put a stencil of the design on my skin, making sure to place it where i wanted - must like a tattoo. He then had me lie down on an exam table and put my leg up. Ryan wears an isolation gown, a mask, and of course gloves during the process to keep everyone protected. He got out a new, disposable scapel and got ready to begin. He asked me if i was ready, and i said yes, he reminded me to relax and breath. The first pass was a very odd sensation, it wasn't straight out pain, more of an uncomfortable sharp feeling. He asked me how i was doing after the first line and I was really fine, it hurt much less than i was suspecting. I feel it hurts a little more then tattooing, different kind of pain but around the same amount if that makes sense. It isn't unbearable if you relax. After he cuts the initial guide line, Ryan goes back and thickens the line with additional shorter, kind of sweeping passes. One by one he worked on all the lines until he was happy with their depth. There is a fair amount of blood and Ryan blots it up as he goes in order to see what he is doing. The process continued of cutting the guide line and then going over it in little passes until the design was done. It was about 5" by 3" and took a little over an hour. After he was done and the bleeding was clotted he put non stick gauze on it and dressed it and told me to leave the bandage on for 4-5 hours. Ryan gave me a packet of aftercare and cleaning instructions specifically for scarification. WHen i got home i took the bandages off easily and washed off the little bit of crusted blood. As far as aftercare I washed it daily with Satin antimicrobial soap to keep it clean. I left it alone for about 4 days while it was initially sore. After that i got up the courage to agitiate it. I first picked at the scabs that had formed into the channels cut into my skin. I picked at them gently so as not to damage the surrounding skin or ruin any detail. I was also consistent in the picking so the scar would be even. After about 2 days of that i decided to use the hydrogen peroxide and toothbrush method. I first would put the peroxide on the scabs this would make them kind of bubble and get soft but didn't really sting like i expected, the i would scrub the area with a clean toothbrush. I think this method works well as i made the new tissue appear much darker after only a few days. I continue doing this once a day for about 2 weeks, till there was nothing left to scrub. I am left with dark reddish purple scars, with very even line quality. I was so happy with my piece that about a month later I decided to go back and get more added onto it so the design would take up most of the side of my calf. It has been a few month now and the piece is pretty much fully healed and looking great. The design is very unique and kinda of Ryan's signiture, a crop circle/circuit board type of look. Ryan now has scarification flash availible for customers that he was drawn and can change for any client as well as doing custom pieces using whatever people bring in for a design. His prices are less than tattooing in the area for hourly rates. I really like my piece, and get compliments and questions about it all the time. People ask if it is a red tattoo, or henna, or marker, lol. I feel it is very unique and am very satisfied. There are pictures on my IAM page for members to view if interested: IAM name = Ashrana Solitude. Precision Body Arts web address is: www.precisionbodyarts.com. Feel free to email me with any ?s. thanks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 July 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Ryan+Ouellette
Studio: Precision+Body+Arts
Location: Nashua%2C+NH

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