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Text of experience eh, hmm...My experience was very..painful and long.aww.. I

feel like such a novice, I went through almost half of the BME site thing and the percentage of the members have so many different piercings and tatoos and crazy stories about scarification and such, and then there's me, girl with the ears... but I am more suttle, more pure (I'm convinced). I finally have zero zero ears now, over a years time, I love them, there so awsome!! I started spacing my ears around a year ago, first I began small with 8/0 then months later I tried a bigger 4/0 ..it did not hurt as much for sure as the 8/0 's, maybe a reason could be is that I was only 15 and I did not know how to put them in the right way and considering I never put them in before ever, that's also why too, well it was not the "right" way that i did it..but just i did not know how to put them in the smart way, I could have saved myself alot of pain but I was just so clueless. I tried to pull the long, fang-like earing through at the count of three. wow. It hurt so much, I pulled it so hard and fast, but not as fast as the blood shot out of my left ear, the pain filled my body, I yelled so loud, the noise woke the house up alomost... so my mother came in to see what I did, she yelled at me for doing that to myself, she said it was "self-mutilation" and what i just did would form an ugly noticable scar, I agreed and asked her to leave while I put in the earing in my right ear. I could not finish the left ear, the way in which i put in the earing..it was to painful, even though I only got the earing not even half the way in i left it hanging and proceeded with the right ear. I started to pull it though inch by inch, or should i say "centimeter by centimeter", it take's so long! maybe because it hurts and it turns the seconds into minutes or something, Im not sure, all I knkow is that it hurts alot. The right ear was WAY less painful to say the least, then again they were only 0/8's. After that horrific or should i say.. terrific.. experience I swore to not put harmful things in my body..it did not really work, i think i got a sick pleasure out of the pain, im not sure why, but, It was good, I just kept buying more and bigger spacers or expanders! I seriously got addicted, i think its beautiful, the way they look and the way that it's origanal, concidering Im a 16 year old girl in canada Ontario, not many people are seen with such large gage lobes...expepially girls none the less..The 4/0's went so smoothly, i went in the bath tub and put them in, moisture helps, almost no pain at all! wohha! thats when the adiction to them started and i just could not stop getting bigger gages, i get addicted to lots though [ie.fashion,drugs etc.] , maybe because I'm 16 years old looking for things or basically anything to entertian me, the T.V got old and stupid to me at age 13, and Im too weak to play sports..people are tough now a days..so I get spacers and make my lobes as big as possible. It is to bad i dont have a scanner or a digital camera so i could just put a picture in stead of writting about it, sorry my article sucks alot, its because i suck, but i suggest you [ if someone does read this} get spacers there wicked cool!! i love them, the pain goes away after you put them in, around a day or too it feels healed (to me anyways, maybe to you to) so good luck! i will get pictures soon and post them!!! Also i have my belly buton pierced, that is normal now though, very mainstream so I did not seem to think to mention it, that does not hurt at all, except for the healing process, it gets all gross and red and full of puss, which is sick...i can not beleive Im writing about puss and my slow healing sores and such, i pierced it on my own at night with a pin and an ice cube, My naval area was numb..do not woryy! the next piercing i want to get it a lip ring, actually a lip stud, damn those are nice. i wonder if it would hurt....See ya!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 July 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: myself+-+spacers
Studio: my+house
Location: Canada

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