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So Fresh........It's still stinging!

Okay so here goes: After spending an hour or so looking at the new branding and scarification pictures, and a lifetime or loving pain :) , I decided it was time to do my first small scale branding. I gathered all that was needed, A candle, my object in which to brand with, and some incense. I sat down on my bed, and lit the incense, (Dragon's Blood, of course.) and started to meditate to collect my thoughts to get the most out of the experience. I then lit the midnight blue pillar candle, and chose my design: a pentagram from my favourite necklace. I loved this charm because it had it had little glyphs and signets around the edge that resembled the ones from zodiac, and that I thought would come out good on the branding transfer as well. Being a piercing enthusiast, I had a pair of forceps handy, (the closed tip kind, not the open ones.) and I clamped the charm in such a way that it wouldn't affect the design. After a few seconds of rearranging, I placed the charm into the beautiful flame. It started to turn black with carbon and such, which didn't bother me. What happened next did: I left it in another two or three seconds, and I shook it. A small about of melted metal dropped onto my bed! I thought to my self: "There is no way this thing could have melted!! This couldn't have been it for more than 10 or 15 seconds!" ( Note to all and self: Watch the jewellery you get from Spencer's Gifts! Love the stores, Hate the quality! I wonder how Hot Topic's jewellery is ? Drop me a line! ) But it did melt a bit, a shiny silver patch glistened out from the blackness. But that pentagram has been through some major stress and abuse, just like myself, and I will continue to wear it no matter how bad things get. But what design now???? I was sooooooo set on this act that I compromised. Looking at the tear-shaped opening on my forceps, I thought of a new design. I then placed the opening of the forceps into the flame. This time passing it back and forth.........Once .........Twice........A total of eight passes, about 10 seconds or so. I pressed it into my ankle. The pain rushed through my leg, and a great feeling washed over me. All the stress that was in my body was released. My entire body was so turned on. I took a deep breath in, and rode the wave of sensations until it ebbed. I pulled back the forceps, and looked down: A perfect tear shape had been formed. I thought of just leaving it there......But decided to go along with my idea. I then did another in the same fashion, perpendicular and to the left of the first one. This time leaving it in a second or two more, then wiping of the extra carbon, so I could see the design better and didn't have to wipe it. And so I could enjoy the left over sensations. I then did the third tear perpendicular and to the right of the first tear, forming a flower of sorts, each tear's larger part touching the larger of the first. like a flower without the top leaf, or a sun burst. After I was finished with the design on my ankle, I wanted to feel that pure pleasure again so I heated up my tool once more. This time not hot or long enough to leave a mark, or so I thought!!!! I pressed it into the inside of my right wrist... MMmmmmmmmmmmmm..............Feels gooooooood! :) I was lost once again with no one to find me, and was most evilly enjoying it. When I pulled it away, I wasn't expecting to see anything. But instead, there was a fresh tear on my wrist. It's like a skinny, stray puppy on your doorstep : So cute, you automatically fall in love with it. And you take it in, and care for it. :o) I wonder what I will do next? No doubt that I will be looking around for little things that have intricate webbings and glyphs. This time of heavier quality. :) Maybe a self-tattoo, or my ears stretched again? Hmmmmmmmm? My tongue web is dying for a ring or two.....

As I sit back and reflect, which is always important, and run my fingers over the still tender scar, my mind wanders. And as I drift back to reality, I come to the conclusion that no matter what is next: This was very much a beautiful night.......


submitted by: Jaizon
on: 03 July 2001
in Scarification

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Artist: Myself
Studio: The+Temple+of+Peace......My+Bedroom
Location: Cincinnati%2C+Ohio

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